Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B, glass blender with temperature control.

moulinex ultrablend lm962b cabecera.jpg
moulinex ultrablend lm962b cabecera.jpg

If you are looking for a powerful glass blender that allows you to prepare your favorite drinks and recipes, Moulinex presents its Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B, powerful and with temperature control, that you will love.

Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B

The Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B is a high speed blender Ultrablend Cook with fwarming anointing. With it, you can make a wide variety of both hot and cold preparations thanks to its precise temperature control.

This mixer has a revolutionary blade technology called TRIP’LAX, which correspond to 6 stainless steel blades what combine 3 complementary actions with the aim of achieving a perfect mix. Its lid is safe, since it only starts when it is properly closed. Their 45,000 rotations per minute it is supposed to be 1.5 times faster than conventional blenders and the cutting edge of the blade propels at more than 460 km / h.

Among other of its peculiarities, it has a cap to adjust steam output or add ingredients while in operation. With it, you can elaborate from cold preparations like juices and smoothies until hot such as soups and sauces, which you can control at all times thanks to its different automatic programs and his temperature control. The 8 programs that it brings are divided into 5 for hot preparations and 3 for cold temperature. In addition, it is cleaned automatically.

Features of the Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B

Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B
Warranty 2 YEARS
Colors Gray
Power 1300
Dishwasher safe NOT
Number of speeds 10
Other features Soup, coulis, hot sauce, compote, non-dairy milk, crushed ice, green smoothie, shakes
Suitable for crushing ice YES
Total jug capacity two
Useful capacity of the jug 1.75
Jug material Crystal
Triple axis blades YES

Opinions from the Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B

The Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B is a powerful blender that will allow you to make a wide variety of both hot and cold preparations. It’s about a safe appliance, which brings with it a lid with which it will not start working until it is well fixed. Also, the steam release cap will help us add more ingredients and its blades are used to cut all kinds of food and even ice.
His value for money is very good Y not dishwasher safe.

Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B

Availability and price of the Moulinex Ultrablend LM962B

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  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Temperature control.

  • It does not bring accessories.

Total score