MultiCooker Touch by Masterpro, this is the Thermomix by Aldi

multicooker touch de masterpro aldi.jpg

Both for those of you who love to cook and for those of you who are not very crafty between stoves, kitchen robots are a very smart option. They allow cooking in a very simple, fast and clean way. The king is the Thermomix TM6, but there are other cheaper options on the market, like this MultiCooker Touch by Masterpro, already on sale in Aldi.

Features of the Masterpro MultiCooker Touch

We are in front of a kitchen robot with 5-inch touch screen, 1,000 W power and 3.5-liter capacity (about 4-5 servings). It has WiFi connectivity so that it integrates into our connected home. It includes 13 speed levels, temperature between 37-120 degrees and 9 automatic programs. What can you do with it? Blend, stir, chop, knead, mix, slice, shred, whip, and steam. That is to say, the typical of these robots, except frying and little else, there will be no recipe that will resist you. You can use it for day to day or for more special situations.

In addition, thanks to WiFi connectivity, you will have access to more than 350 recipes. Also, from the Masterpro Club app You will also have added options, such as the possibility of making a shopping list, interacting with other users or even reading tips to enjoy your robot.

Its technology is worth highlighting IntelliTemp, with better temperature control during cooking so that the recipe comes out perfect. Also, all non-electrical accessories and components are dishwasher safe.

Availability and price

You can find it with an offer of units limited by 279 euros, then its price will be 340 euros. The Masterpro MultiCooker Touch is already in all Aldi supermarkets. It comes with 10 accessories so you can get the most out of your experience with this food processor.