My Conga is not working: What is happening with these robots?

conga no funciona.jpg
conga no funciona.jpg

The fanciest might think it’s about the rebellion of the robots. But the truth is that there is another more logical explanation. If you have had the problem for several days that you Conga does not work, no, it does not mean that your vacuum cleaner has decided to stop working and is planning an assault on your house along with the refrigerator and the washing machine. The problem has already been detected and it is a connection failure preventing it from connecting to WiFi.

Now that you can breathe easier and go back to sleep with both eyes closed, we will tell you what you can do if you also have the problem that the Conga vacuum cleaner does not work.

The Conga does not work due to a connection failure

For something More than a week, some Cecotec Conga vacuum cleaners are experiencing connection failures that cause the vacuum cleaner to appear in the app as Offline. This problem is affecting Random devices from the Conga 3000, 3490, 3690, 4090 and Conga 5090 families.

This problem means that it cannot connect to the home WiFi and, therefore, we cannot use its possibilities from the app. We cannot schedule it, ask you to start cleaning when we are away from home, see your route or delimit areas, among others. Therefore, the only solution for now is to ask to start manual cleaning by pressing the physical button on the vacuum cleaner itself.

The company has already spoken and has asked users for patience while they manage to solve a problem that is taking longer than expected. If you are also affected by this, it can reassure you to know that it is not only your device that is malfunctioning, so you only have to try to adapt to this situation and clean by pressing the button, as requested from Cecotec.