Navimov, the Segway mower with GPS and three different models


If you have garden at homeYou already know that maintaining it well is sometimes a bit cumbersome. Segway just released a solution for you. Your new lawnmower Navimov It includes GPS, mobile control and high autonomy to cover surfaces of up to 3,000 square meters.

Navimov Features

Its design reminds us of the classic lawnmowers of a lifetime, however, its intelligent character is what makes it stand out above the rest. Its most outstanding feature is that it includes Gps, which improves results thanks to the location system Exact Fusion, on which the robot is supported to make more precise and systematic movements and cuts. In addition to GPS positioning, it also includes different sensors in case at some point you lose signal. Its technology is also worth highlighting Blade halt, thanks to which it can detect objects on the lawn (for example, your child’s toy or your own pet) so as not to cause an accident.

Navimov can span gardens from 800 square meters to 3,000 square meters. It is important that you take into account the size of your lawn so that you choose one model or another, since, as we will see in the availability and price section, there are three models and their main difference is that of the area that it is capable of. to cover.

Also, it can work in slopes up to 45 degrees and it’s possible control from mobile. Its noise level is 54 dB and has a rain sensr What it does is send the robot back to base when it detects that it is starting to rain. This is simply a precaution, as the robot it is resistant to rain and high pressure water jets.

Availability and price

As we have already told you, there are three models of this Segway mower. The Navimov H800 covers up to 800 square meters and is priced at 1,499 euros, the Navimov H1500E covers up to 1,500 square meters and is priced at 1,999 euros, Meanwhile he Navimov H3000E covers up to 3,000 square meters and its price is 2,499 euros.

Via | Segway