Neabot Q11, a complete hybrid robot vacuum cleaner

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neabot q11, a complete hybrid robot vacuum cleaner

Keeping the surfaces of your home clean will be very easy with the Neabot Q11 self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner. This robot vacuum cleaner from Neabot comes with innovative technologies so you can trust your home to be clean. In addition, it can be controlled by WiFi and Bluetooth, so you will not need to be present while you are doing your job.

We are talking about the Neabot Q11

Robot vacuum cleaners are here to stay, and that can be seen in the number of models that we can find on the market with different features. In fact, it is an increasingly competitive market, so we can see the typical brands as well as others that are not as well known but that offer good results such as the Neabot Q11.

For example, this robot vacuum cleaner, as we will see below, offers some very interesting features, starting with the fact that it is a hybrid robot as it not only cleans dry, but also wet. Thanks to this, it offers us a more complete cleaning than if it only vacuumed or swept.

In fact, in the market we are going to be able to find models that offer us these features, but today we will talk about the one that concerns us, characterized by its power and for being self- emptying, which will mean, as you will see below, significant savings in time and effort.

A powerful 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner

As we have already anticipated, the Neabot Q11 is a robot vacuum cleaner that is characterized by being a hybrid by also offering wet cleaning. Therefore, we are facing a 3-in-1 robot, since it is capable of sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.

It comes equipped with two tanks, one of 250 ml for dry dirt or dust and another for water, with a capacity of 300 ml. This way, you can sweep, mop and vacuum at the same time, and you don’t have to finish one job before you can get on with the next. This represents significant time savings and greater efficiency.

Its electric cleaning system is integrated and with it it determines the level of water it needs to use depending on the degree of humidity in the floor, so you won’t have to worry about it getting the carpets wet.

To all this we must add a powerful suction of 4000 Pa that serves to collect absolutely all the dirt on the floor and not leave any nook and cranny to clean. In fact, this suction system has 4 stages, so it can easily sweep and vacuum even pet hair and the most complicated areas such as carpets.

It is also capable of sucking up different types of dirt, including grains and flour, so it will be very useful in any corner of your home, even in the kitchen. And, if that seems little to you, you will be interested to know that this model is self-emptying, that is, its base has an automatic self-emptying system.

Once the robot finishes cleaning, it leaves the residue in the disposable dust bag on the base, which has a capacity of 2.5 liters. In this way, it will not be necessary for you to clean this bag every day, since with its capacity you will be able to do it every month without a problem, which will save you a lot of effort.

Neabot Q11

Always connected and compatible with current attendees

Another important feature of the Neabot Q11 is that it has good wireless connections, as you can control it through both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As Wi-Fi can fail in many cases, as has already been seen in other robot vacuum cleaners, it offers you the possibility of connecting it via Bluetooth, to make it more reliable, faster and easier.

It also has its own application that is compatible with the virtual assistants of the moment and that will allow you to control it with your own voice. This app can be used with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, plus it supports more than 20 languages. Although this is not all, with this application you can also monitor the robot and schedule different cleanings.

Neabot Q11

advanced scrolling

The Neabot Q11 is so complete that it is capable of detecting obstacles in 3D thanks to its four advanced DTOF sensors. These sensors help you detect obstacles that are very small in large spaces or narrow obstacles, such as cables, furniture, slippers and even pet droppings.

Besides, it can map several floors and you will be able to establish prohibited zones through which you do not want it to pass in a very intuitive way. What’s more, with its application you can save up to 3 separate maps no matter what floor you are on. The robot itself will know which one to use at all times.

As you can see, this is a very complete and easy-to-use hybrid robot vacuum cleaner that, without a doubt, will take a lot of effort out of your day-to-day cleaning. Not only because you can program it to clean when you want or because it can also wet clean, but also because it comes with its self-emptying system.

Thanks to its different technologies, you will enjoy a powerful cleaning tool, which you will not have to keep an eye on and with which you will forget to pass the broom, because all the work will be done by it and, what is best of all, only you will need to empty your dust bag once a month.

Neabot Q11

Features of the Neabot Q11

Brand Neabot
Model Q11
Color White
product dimensions 48 x 46.7 x 42.7cm
suction power 4000Pa
Noise 65dB
product weight 11.7kg
Capacity (Liquids) 300ml
Capacity (Solids) 250ml
Compatibility Amazon Alexa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, App, Google Assistant
Height 8.7cm

Reviews of the Neabot Q11

Good value for money. This robot vacuum cleaner is very complete, since it is capable of mapping the home and moving intelligently. In addition, it is a hybrid, although wet cleaning leaves something to be desired, and, apart from that, it is compatible with the virtual assistants of the moment. Although the best of all is its base with a self-emptying system, since you will only have to change the dust bag once a month.

Neabot Q11

  • Good value for money.
  • Compatible with virtual assistants.
  • Bring Bluetooth.
  • Displacement with mapping.
  • Self-emptying system.
  • The wet cleaning leaves something to be desired.