Nuki Keypad with fingerprint reader: forget your house keys

nuki keypad con huella.jpg
nuki keypad con huella.jpg

Nuki is working to offer us a new home (or office) access system that is very interesting, technologically advanced and quite useful. If we stop to think about it, it seems unbelievable that as advanced as the world is today, we continue to use a method as traditional as the keys to enter the house. It is not only a question of believing ourselves to be modern, the truth is that the keys are beginning to become obsolete: they can be lost, they can be duplicated, the lock is relatively easy to manipulate by third parties… For this reason, systems such as the Nuki Keypad with fingerprint reader They are so interesting to us.

What can we expect from the Nuki Keypad with fingerprint reader?

The Nuki Keypad with fingerprint reader It would be the renewal of its traditional Nuki Keypad, which currently allows us to access the house by entering a numerical key on the keyboard that is integrated into the lock.

Its difference would be that under this keyboard a reader for our finger would be incorporated, so that we can unlock access to the house with our fingerprint. It is a method that we are already quite used to, since most mobiles incorporate it and we have unlocked our phone in this way many times.

nuki keypad with fingerprint reader

Yes indeed, currently not available and we will have to wait a little longer until Nuki finish polishing this method and launch it on the market. It is expected to do so in the coming months and surely it will not come alone and we will have other options on the market.

Its price? It is also unknown, although taking into account that the brand’s numeric keypad opening system has a price of 80 euros, in this case we expect a higher figure, although also adjusted for the average user.

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