OneLife X, new air purifier with plasma filter

onelife x, new air purifier with plasma filter
onelife x, new air purifier with plasma filter

oday we want to introduce you to a new  air purifier that seeks to eliminate allergens, pollutants and other particles that may be suspended in the air in your home, without you being able to see them. OneLife X is a model that has also kept a modern and elegant aesthetic so that it also adds a nice touch to your home.

Features of the OneLife X

But, as we told you, this device is not just a pretty face with a  bamboo structure and rounded shapes . It has a  plasma filter that does not require replacement to continue working well, we will only have to clean it from time to time, in a simple way. This filter is made up of  metal plates in the form of magnets , which attract particles from the air, ionize them and destroy them.

onelife x app

It hardly generates noise, the manufacturer tells us that its noise level is  between 25 dB and 45 dB , depending on which phase of air purification it is in. In addition, its consumption is very low, just  6 watts . It is capable of cleaning an area of  25 square meters.

Its role in the Smart Home is also worth noting  . It is compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google and can be controlled from the mobile through an application that offers us information on the temperature, humidity or air quality at home, even with the possibility of creating personalized profiles to have the information available. necessary information according to the profile of each user.

Availability and price

OneLife X is already on  Indiegogo , a crowdfunding platform where it is seeking funding. It can be pre-ordered for  $799  and is expected to be available in  March , at which point shipments would begin to early buyers who have opted for this magnet-powered air purifier.