Opinions on electric fireplaces: their advantages and disadvantages

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Electric fireplaces are gaining a niche in homes. More and more people choose them over traditional fireplaces In addition to providing heat to the rooms of the home, it is a beautiful accessory to decorate and give rooms a cozy touch. But why have they become so popular? What advantages and disadvantages do they present? In this article we tell you about our opinions about electric fireplaces.

There are more and more fireplace options on the market thanks to the evolution of technology. Electric fireplaces project an image of moving flames that creates the sensation of facing a traditional wood-burning fireplace. These fireplaces are clean and provide quite a bit of heat, but at a price. Next, we will tell you the pros and cons of this type of fireplace.

Our opinion on the advantages of electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have several points in their favor that make them a very interesting type of heating.


There is currently a wide variety of fireplaces with different designs, colors and materials. Therefore, you can find a fireplace model that adapts to the decoration of your home. And is that some fireplaces can function as organizers or as TV stands, becoming a useful element for home decoration.

Our take on electric fireplaces is that they allow for many design options to fit into your home décor.


Electric fireplaces are very easy to install. You can install it yourself without hiring a professional. You just have to follow the instructions in the user manual.

Also, if you buy a portable electric fireplace you won’t even need to assemble or install it. And you just have to find a suitable space and plug it into the outlet.

Save space

In addition, thanks to the wide variety of models that exist on the market, there are various sizes. So you can find the most suitable one that adapts to the available space where you want to embed the fireplace. So they are ideal for small spaces where other types of fireplaces do not fit. You can place a freestanding or wall mount fireplace anywhere you want without facing huge space issues. If you want to install a portable electric fireplace, you can find some for less than what a television occupies.

There are models of electric fireplaces that have additional space for storage, shelves or other elements to be able to place books or whatever you want. So be sure to select one that suits your needs. Try to choose the most suitable size for your living room without reducing the space for movement.

Long durability

One of the key points that make electric fireplaces a good investment compared to traditional ones is their durability. These types of fireplaces are more durable because they do not require fuel such as gas or wood. Therefore, they do not have any combustion chamber like a traditional fireplace.

Thanks to this, the structure of the chimney are not affected by combustion so the fireplace will always remain as the first day. You will only need to replace the bulb, which is done in about every two to three years.

On the other hand, good quality fireplaces have an outer body covered with paint and anticorrosive materials that withstand deterioration very well over the years.

They do not require fireplaces or gas pipes

By working with electricity, this type of fireplace is very versatile since it can be installed in any house, owned or rented. And is that they do not require any type of chimney or gas pipe to eliminate residual gases unlike gas or wood burning fireplaces.

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Our opinions on electric fireplaces is that they take up less space so they are more visually attractive.


If you want to move the fireplace to another room or to another home, you can do it comfortably without the help of a professional. And is that the disassembly process is not complex at all and it can be moved from one area to another without damaging the structure. This convenience when transporting it is more evident in those portable electric fireplaces.


Most of the electric fireplaces that we find in the market are available with a remote control. This way you can easily and remotely control the functionalities that the device has.

Modern fireplaces are built with a fire-like flame effect, just as some models come with a crackle of wooden logs. All these features can be regulated by the remote control. They also have a manual control whose instructions are explained in the user manual.

Opinion on the efficiency of heat electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces do not need a fireplace like that used by wood burning fireplaces to disperse heat. This feature prevents heat loss and spreading directly and more efficiently.

What’s more, advanced models of electric fireplaces are automatable. They have an advanced configuration that allows you to regulate the heat according to the size of the room, configure the effect of the flame, the intensity of heat, etc.

Heat control

With the electric fireplace, you have full control of the heat dispersed in the room. And is that these fireplaces have a thermostat that measures the temperature of the room. Therefore, you can set the amount of heat you want. Thanks to this, you have efficient heat control, better than that of any traditional fireplace.

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Our opinion on the environmental impact of electric fireplaces

One of the reasons most people do not choose to use gas or wood burning fireplaces is because they produce toxic waste gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. These gases, in addition to affecting our health, also harm the environment. However, Electric fireplaces do not produce any type of gas, dust or smoke, so they are totally safe and clean.

Electric fireplaces They are perfect for people who suffer from some type of respiratory problem since these chimneys will not create any kind of problem. Also, the chimneys they are saferas the risk of burn injuries is completely reduced. That is, they guarantee the safety especially of children.

firewood burning

Electric fireplaces, unlike wood fireplaces, do not generate much waste, so they are cleaner


The cost of the electric fireplace is relatively low compared to other class of fireplaces. To this must be added the expense that you will save in the future for maintenance services.

Our verdict on the downsides of electric fireplaces

However, electric fireplaces also have some series of drawbacks that it is important to highlight.

It is not a “classic” fireplace

The flame you can see in electric fireplaces is obviously fake. Therefore, you will not be able to experience the sensation of watching the materials burn. And it is that the wood fireplaces allow you to explore and entertain yourself by lighting the fire and burning the wood. All of this is impossible in electric fireplaces.

Electricity cost

The way to produce heat with electricity is the most expensive of all energy sources. So that You have to be careful when using electric fireplaces if you don’t want to increase your electricity bill. Only use it when necessary and try to regulate it according to your needs.

It does not work without electricity

An electric fireplace does not have a backup system: during a power outage, they will not work. Therefore, if you don’t want to run out of heat, you should buy an alternative heating source or a backup power source.

Some installations are complex

Although electric fireplaces are easy to install even without the help of a technician, on some models it will be necessary to seek outside help. And there are models that offer other features such as a shelf or support for the TV, so the installation process is complicated in these models.

The installation of this type of chimney implies that a reform must be carried out and it must be adapted to the great power consumed. Another important factor to consider before installing the fireplace is the increase in the electricity bill due to the high power required for this type of installation, which would increase the rest of the electricity consumed in the periods in which the heating is not used.

Consideration on the safety of electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces represent a great danger if they are used at the same time as other devices. And it is that the chimneys tend to consume the maximum power. Therefore, if it is used together with other devices, can lead to power cord overload and that the devices do not work. For safety reasons, you must carry out other wiring in the house to prevent an accident from happening.

Our opinions on electric fireplaces

Regarding our opinions on electric fireplaces, it must be emphasized that they have several drawbacks in their functionality such as the price of electricity consumption, which can be greatly increased. You have to try to regulate its functions so that consumption is as efficient as possible.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that its benefits are very highly noteworthy. They are safe for homes with pets and children, they are easy to install and control, and they are easy to maintain.

Anyway, if you decide to buy an electric fireplace, the most important thing is to find a good quality fireplace that suits our needs.