Orbegozo MIG 2030: analysis, opinions and best offers

microondas orbegozo mig2030 bannerl.jpg
microondas orbegozo mig2030 bannerl.jpg

There are few who, on occasions, and for different reasons, need to prepare a quick meal. Either due to lack of time, because you arrive tired from work or simply because you just have to reheat your next lunch, have a microwave in your kitchen becomes indispensable. However, we do not always look for devices with great claims and that promise a multitude of functions. If this is your case and what you are looking for is a microwave that fulfills its mission and, in addition, looks good in any space where you place it, take a look at the Orbegozo MIG 2030.

Orbegozo MIG 2030 microwave

Orbegozo presents us with a microwave with more than enough power to be able to heat, defrost and grill, depending on what you need and, therefore, it perfectly fulfills its objective of being a great assistant in your kitchen. With a 700W power which increases to 900 W with its grill function, the Orbegozo MIG 2030 has a free installation. Has a 20 l capacity and their 34 cm deep they allow you to place it where you want.

In addition to this, it has two analog knobs with which you can regulate the power, depending on whether you need one function or another and the time, with a 30 minute maximum.

General characteristics

Orbegozo MIG 2030 microwave
Dimensions 32 x 27 x 43 cm
Weight 11 kg
Power • 700 w

• 900 w in Grill mode

Characteristics • Minimum programmable time: 60 ″

• Maximum programmable time: 30 ′

• Capacity: 20 l

• Installation type: free

• Analog controls

• Grill function

• Defrost function

• White color

Opinions of the Orbegozo MIG 2030

The Orbegozo Microwave MIG 2030 stands out for its good value for money. Its size makes it ideal for any type of kitchen and it more than fulfills its mission. In addition, it is a device lightweight, so it will not be difficult to change the site if the case arises. Thanks to its power, heats up fast the food and it does not take long to defrost food. It is accompanied by complete instructions for use to be able to use its different Combis or combined functions. This will help us to prepare different dishes without extra effort.

Something we have to mention is that due to the power of the grill, be careful when placing the dishes on the rack that comes for such use, since it can if we are not vigilant, it can burn the food.

Orbegozo MIG 2030

Microwave MIG 2030 Orbegozo

Availability and price of the Orbegozo MIG 2030


We can find this practical microwave in White color with a very good value for money in trusted stores such as Amazon, Mediamarkt or PcComponents.

And if you are still not convinced, you can look at other options like this Panasonic NN-J151W.

  • Good power
  • Lightweight and sized to fit any kitchen
  • There is a good quality price relation

  • The grill must be monitored if the rack is used

Total score