hidromasaje para pies zoom 3.jpg

Foot massage 80 W: now with 4 massage rollers


If you are one of those who likes to pamper yourself at home (or if you have never done it ...

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Vitalmaxx hardness removers: an economical solution for your feet


Today we talk about Vitalmaxx callus removers, a product that we have found in the Lidl store and that you ...

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Silvercrest electric foot massager, is it worth it?


The new one just went on sale. Silvercrest electric foot massagerthe evolution of electric massager which we told you about ...

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Digital shower head: how to have a colorful shower


You have seen it in the movies and perhaps in a hotel with many stars, but perhaps what you had ...

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Silk’n callus remover, what your feet need this summer


In summer our feet suffer more than ever: we get rid of our socks and change our shoes, not always ...

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Yale Smart Safe: How does it work?


In the field of the Smart Home there are many very interesting options. The last one we have known is ...

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Tips for choosing a thermal blind


Climate change wreaks havoc in the country, as well as the rise in the price of electricity in the economy ...

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Pillow, Xiaomi sneaks into your bed with this pillow


Do we really need such an extreme level of monitoring that it reaches the pillow? Xiaomi thinks so and that ...

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Furbulous Box, the litter box that can also weigh your cat


On the side of connected devices we have more and more options, including some focused on our pets. A good ...

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CATLINK CL-W01, this is how this pet water dispenser works


If you have a pet at home, we don’t need to tell you that animals are a very big responsibility. ...