bixby espanol latino.jpg

Bixby will speak Latin American Spanish very soon


Spanish is a very rich language, with many nuances and ways of speaking it depending on the geographical territory. In ...

robot jet bot ai.jpg

Robot Jet Bot AI+, the Samsung vacuum cleaner that watches over your pet


Artificial Intelligence can be wonderful and give us utilities that perhaps we had never considered. samsung has just introduced us ...

nuki keypad 2 0.jpg

Nuki Keypad 2.0: open the door of your house with your fingerprint


nuki just introduced the new smart lock, the Nuki Keypad 2.0, which comes with interesting news to protect the security ...

dispensador de jabon en espuma con sensor 2.jpg

New (and curious) foam soap dispenser with sensor


Among the curious gadgets that we find for the kitchen and bathroom, today we want to highlight the sensor foam ...

aqara smart pet feeder c1.jpg

Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1, the new feeder for your pet


If you have pets at home, this gadget will surprise you for good. The new Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1 ...

difusor ultrasonico con aromaterapia 2.jpg

Ultrasonic diffuser with aromatherapy, does it work well?


Today we are talking about the ultrasonic diffuser with aromatherapy that is for sale at Lidl, a model with a ...

mijia smart kitchen 7l s1 2.jpg

Mijia Smart Kitchen 7L S1, new Xiaomi water heater


It is impossible to know all the products of the Xiaomi ecosystem, since the manufacturer seems to have the magic ...

lg artcool gallery.jpg

LG ARTCOOL Gallery: a monitor that is also an air conditioner


He CES 2023 it comes warm It is the first major event in the world of technology, which is held ...

toallero electrico 150 w de lidl 2.jpg

Lidl 150 W electric towel rail, heat your clothes easily


Today winter begins and with it, the cold season. Low temperatures force us to look for solutions to protect ourselves ...

cubrecolchon electrico 60 w 2.jpg

60 W electric mattress cover, the solution for your winter


The low temperatures have already arrived and the cold is noticeable. With the electricity price in Spain This year putting ...