Petvation, characteristics of this door for animals

petvation 2.jpg
petvation 2.jpg

Pets are part of our home and our family, so if you have a dog, cat or any other animal at home, gadgets designed specifically for them will surely attract your attention. Today we talk about Petvation a door for pets that will allow you to go to work much more calmly or let your dogs go out into the garden if you live in a house with an outdoor area.

What is Petvation and how does it work?

It is quite common for those people who live in a house with a garden or for those who spend the day away working, even if they go away for the weekend and leave their pets at home, well cared for, but with the need to go out to the outer area and that they can return to the interior whenever they wish.


Petvation arrives to solve this. It is a smart door with facial recognition that only opens if it detects your pets. To do this, it has infrared cameras and night vision, with an angle of 120 degrees, something important considering that the pets are not going to be placed directly in front of the camera. It works 24 hours a day and, thanks to a chip built into the device, it is able to detect if it is the family pet and open the door to let it pass. Once the animal has passed, the sensors integrated close the door. Also, if you are concerned about security, you can always control the door from your mobile, either keeping it closed or opening it remotely.

Availability and price

This interesting gadget is available on Kickstarter for a price of 169 dollars in early bid. Its official price will be $229. If you are interested in this product, there are few days of crowdfunding left, so we recommend that you do not think too much about it so that you can enjoy it with a 26% discount.

And if you want to see other options, here we talk about the characteristics of Petkit Pura X Smart Automatic.

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