Philips FC8778, this is the blue Philips robot vacuum cleaner.

philips fc8778 cabecera.jpg
philips fc8778 cabecera.jpg

Robot vacuum cleaners no longer only seek to be effective, but also to combine efficiency and design. The Philips FC8778 Philips is a good example of this, so if you are looking for an efficient, beautiful and affordable robot, do not hesitate to take a look.

Features of the Philips FC8778

The Philips FC8778 is a robot vacuum cleaner designed in blue and black that has dimensions of 60.1 x 330 mm and a weight of 1.87 kg and it will clean the entire floor, even under beds and sofas. Clean the entire floor, even under the bed and sofa. This robot promises to clean thoroughly and up to twice as fast with its SmartPro app and comes with a TriActive XL brush, 6cm narrow design, 4-wheel system, and smart app. With the extra-wide TriActive XL brush you can enjoy an effective and thorough cleaning, since it will now be done twice as fast.

First with extra wide brush, which will cover twice the surface area in a single pass, and then with the three suction inlets that will collect the dust that is left behind. Therefore, you will have full control anywhere, since with the help of the Philips SmartPro application, you can decide at any time how you want your robot to work. This application allows you to manage each and every one of the functions of the Philips FC8778 / 01 at any time and without complications. You will be able to customize the cleaning modes to adjust a personalized program in a very simple way and, in turn, obtain relevant and immediate information on the status and maintenance of cleaning. Its intelligent detection system, at the same time, adapts to any cleaning environment, since it has a combination of chips, gyroscope and accelerometer that will allow you to do the cleaning task on your own. In this way, the robot understands the environment and chooses the best strategy to clean your house as quickly as possible.

Their infrared sensors They will prevent you from having an accident such as tripping over obstacles or falls due to unevenness. The Philips FC8778 is able to avoid, with its 6 infrared sensors, obstacles such as walls, lamps, cables and stairs in order to perform a complete and optimal work. In fact, if it runs out of battery, it is able to return to its charging station to recharge automatically and this works whether the power is about to run out or you are done with your cleaning session. This way, it will be ready the next time you need it. His compact design of only 6 cm It allows you to move easily and without difficulty under furniture such as beds and sofas, so it is recommended for low spaces that are difficult to access to remove dust. In addition, its powerful lithium-ion battery has a longer life and requires less charging time than standard batteries, which translates to more hours of operation and more time of use. The Philips FC8778 is capable of working up to 120 minutes. To do this, use 4 cleaning modes that you can choose according to your needs, although the robot itself, as we have said before, is capable of choosing the strategy that best suits the room. Due to their 2 extra long brushes, this robot removes dirt and dust from corners and baseboards, as well as cleaning where other robot vacuum cleaners cannot reach. Its 4-wheel system helps you move comfortably through the door sills since it has a traction system that allows you to do it with little effort, so it will reach more parts of your house and, therefore, cover more areas to clean for perfect results.

So, to sum up and conclude, this is the list of what the Philips FC8778 offers you:

  • Extra Wide TriActive XL Brush
  • 4 cleaning styles depending on the room and 2 extra-long brushes to clean the corners
  • Full control anywhere, anytime using the Philips SmartPro app
  • Smart detection system that adapts to any cleaning environment
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery for 120 minutes of operation
  • Features of the Philips FC8778 / 01

Features of the Philips FC8778 / 01

Philips FC8778 / 01
Battery type Lithium ion
Battery voltage 14.8V
Loading time 4 hours)
Operating time 120 minute (s)
Sound power level 62 dB
Suction power (Max. Pa) 1000
Bag full indicator Yes
24 hour scheduling Yes
Dust sensor Yes
Intelligent detection system 18 sensors
Thresholds scale 16 mm
Cleaning modes 4
Accessories included AC adapter
Side brushes
Other accessories 1 filter
Base station
Consumption in standby mode 0.6 W
Product dimensions (W x D x H) 60.1 x 330 mm
Product weight 1.87 kg

Opinions from the Philips FC8778

The Philips FC8778 is a robot vacuum cleaner that is not classified as one of the most expensive on the market as it is mid-range. It has some fairly basic functions, although it offers good cleaning results thanks to its sensor technology that, on the one hand, intelligently detects the environment and adapts to it and, on the other, that it avoids obstacles and slopes so as not to suffer falls or accidents. It has a central and two lateral brush, although nowhere does it specify that they are suitable for pets, so we would not advise it for homes with them. It has control by application, but not by remote control, so we can only control it by it and manually.

Philips FC8778

Availability and price of the Philips FC8778

If you are interested in this Philips robot vacuum cleaner, you can buy it at Amazon, Media Markt and Ebay.

But if you want to continue looking at other models and other brands, here we leave you the Roomba 896.

  • Good price.
  • Cleans well and has a low profile so it can be moved under furniture.

  • It does not have a remote control.
  • It does not specify if it is suitable for households with pets due to the type of brush it brings.

Total score