Philips UV-C Box, disinfection box that deactivates viruses and bacteria

philips uv c box.jpg
philips uv c box.jpg

The company Philips has launched a range of UV-C equipment where a couple of boxes and one ultraviolet lamp designed for rapid disinfection of devices and rooms. One of the models is the Philips UV-C Box.

Philips UV-C Box, ending viruses and bacteria is a matter of an instant

We are surrounded by viruses and bacteria, harmful elements that are part of our daily lives. However, the current situation has highlighted them as never before, and users have become aware of the harm they can cause. Therefore, more and more manufacturers of electronic devices are taking action on the matter. They seek to meet the demands of a market that demands equipment to eliminate the threat they pose.

An example is found in Signify. The seal responsible for the lighting product line of Philips. Presents a series of new releases for 2021 where they advertise a range of products specialized in the destruction of microorganisms that swarm in the home. This is their new line of UV-C equipment, which includes a medium size cleaning box.

Product characteristics

The Philips UV-C Box It is, as its name in English says, a box-shaped device. The device, the manufacturer assures us, is capable of eliminate viruses and bacteria. Takes care of inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19 in 9 secondssays the company Philips.

Philips UV-C Box

It has a rectangular shape, of rounded edges and corners. Inside it has a reflective surface in stainless steel, designed to improve the distribution of rays UV-C, and reach every nook and cranny of the objects deposited inside.

More details of the box

The device has a number of sensors spread around the box to detect any possible radiation leak Y turn off the machine immediately. A security system that prevents accidental damage to people or animals.

Philips UV-C Box

The light box Uv has an internal useful volume of approximately 10 liters. It is designed for fast disinfection of objects varied: keys; coins Y wallets; headphones; personal hygiene accessories (toothbrushes Y combs); cutlery or dishes; toys little ones; baby bottles Y pacifiers. The recommended retail price of this appliance is 179 euros.

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