Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro, easy-to-use ironing center.

Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro Cabecera.jpg
Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro Cabecera.jpg

Whether it is because we have a special event, because our work requires it or because we simply like to take our clothes neat, the task of ironing is not only necessary, but also mandatory. Of the different options that the market offers us, there are, apart from the irons, the ironing centers, very useful when we have to iron a considerable amount of clothes or we do not want to have to worry about the time we are ironing or waiting. In this case, today we are going to talk about one offered by the Polti brand, specifically the Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro, which apart from being inexpensive, is also very easy to use and is ideal for those who are starting with this type of appliance.

Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro

The Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro is a steam ironing center It contains a boiler that will offer you unlimited autonomy, that is, you will not have to worry about having a certain time to iron. For this reason, it is a model that, in addition to standing out for offering professional ironing, can boast of simplicity and efficiency.

The dimensions of this ironing center are 25 x 38 x 27.5 cm, It is black color and is made of aluminum with cork handle. It is mainly characterized, as we have already mentioned, by its simplicity, since it is not a model that brings too many controls, nor does it have digital technology. However, this is not an impediment to perfectly fulfilling its mission. By having a boiler with unlimited autonomy, we will avoid having to be aware of fast ironing and we will be able to take the time we need for this task. Said boiler also generates a dry and powerful steam that will remove wrinkles from your garments in a single pass. For this, the iron has holes that are concentrated in the tip in order to direct the steam to the areas where it is most needed to impregnate the fibers and spread them. Its cork handle, to all this, guarantees a good grip and control of the iron.

In summary, the Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro, apart from its boiler with unlimited autonomy, thanks to the fact that we can refill its 0.7 liter tank continuously and depending on our needs thanks to the fact that it is transparent and shows its content, it has a steam pressure up to 4 bar, which guarantees that we can work both horizontally and vertically and on fabrics that have several layers, such as sheets and tablecloths, always guaranteeing efficient and long-lasting results. The aluminum sole iron glides easily over garments without sticking to them and features a 3 minute quick warm-up. After the iron has reached the appropriate heat, you will only have to worry about the ironing task, since by being able to fill the tank whenever you want, you will have no limitations: the iron will continue to emit steam without losing heat until you finish using it. .

Finally, do not forget to mention that this ironing center has the system No-calc System, which facilitates the cleaning and removal of lime to a great extent and this will extend the useful life of the appliance.

General characteristics of the Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro

Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro
Dimensions 25x 38 x 27.5 cm
Water tank capacity 0.7 liters
Colour Black and aluminum
Weight 4.25 kg
Iron sole Aluminum
Total power 2150 W
Max pressure 4 bars
Antiscale system Yes, boiler access
Warning indicators On-off power / steam ready
Warm-up time 3 min
Continuous steam Yes

Opinions from the Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro

Today we have the possibility of finding different models of different types of household appliances whose prices and benefits are adjusted to the particular needs of each client. In this case, the Polti Vaporella Forever 615 is a simple and inexpensive ironing center, since its price does not exceed € 100. Its operation is simple, you just have to fill the tank, which is transparent so that you know at all times how the water level is and wait for the iron to heat up. Once this happens, by being able to fill the tank as we need it, we can work with this ironing center whatever we want. Thanks to its 4 power bars, we can iron both horizontally and vertically and different types of garments and fabrics. However, as we have already said, it is an ironing center that does not have great benefits, so, in this case, does not have an automatic heat and pressure adaptation system for different types of clothing, so you have to be careful when using it if you don’t want to get scared. Also, although it promises a good grip and good handling thanks to its cork handle, actually, it is more uncomfortable than other ergonomic handles of other ironing centers, so the manageability of the iron is somewhat affected by this.

Nevertheless iron quickly and with very good results, since it moves easily over the garments, so it is a very good option for those who are not looking for a great variety of functions or want to start with this type of ironing system. Even so, it must be said that several clients comment that it produces a noise somewhat annoying, but if you are one of those who does not mind this, it can become a pretty wise choice.

Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro

Availability and price of the Polti Vaporella Forever 615 Pro

If you liked this ironing center and are interested in purchasing it, you can do so at Amazon.


However, if you think that an ironing center is too much and you prefer to invest in an iron, here we leave you the Siemens TSI803210, an iron with very interesting functions and technology.

  • Economic.
  • Easy.
  • Iron fast.
  • Unlimited autonomy pressure boiler.

  • The cork handle is not as comfortable as it should be.
  • It has no temperature adaptation functions.