Princess 132405, a machine to make churros at home

princess 132405, a machine to make churros at home
princess 132405, a machine to make churros at home

Few breakfasts compare to good churros with chocolate. In the absence of being able to go down to the churrería in your neighborhood, you can try to prepare them at home. Today we are talking about the  Princess 132405 , a model that has the capacity to prepare four churros at a time. We are going to know its characteristics.

Features of the Princess 132405

The Princess 132405 is a small appliance designed to make churros. You have the option of preparing  four churros at a time , in its non-stick stainless steel plates, we pour the mixture that we have previously prepared (based on flour, water, salt and oil ) and we will only have to wait a few minutes to have freshly made churros in House.

Princess 132405

It has dimensions of  10.1 x 12.6 x 32.2 cm and a weight of  1.64 kg . Its power is  700W  and it has a  turning function , which gives the dough a better flavor and a crisper result. So that they look perfect and golden, it has an  automatic temperature control , in addition to including a light indicator so that we know when they are ready. Once we have finished preparing it, we can clean it very quickly and easily and store it in a closet thanks to its compact size.

Availability and price

Does this Princess 132405 churrera machine attract your attention and do you want to have it at home? Its price is very affordable, so it can be a good idea both to give as a gift and to try it yourself. The result of the elaboration is excellent and the ease of use also, so it can be a good option for this winter.