Promo Fnac Hogar, new discounts on small appliances

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We start the week in the best way, with new discounts. The Fnac store brings out the scissors again in a good list of household and personal care products. Small appliances that improve our day to day and that suffer a lot of daily battle. An opportunity to throw away that old dryer that smells of burning or to prepare dishes worthy of MasterChef, all thanks to this Fnac Hogar promo

The promotion will last until March 31, But don’t wait to buy that product you had your eye on. We do not assure you that it will continue to be when you blink.

BaByliss Expert 2300, dry your hair in a few minutes

Show off your hair with the BaByliss Expert 2300 dryer. A model belonging to the Expert range of the brand, professional quality for your hair. The dryer offers a air flow up to 85 km / h, a gale in your bathroom. Includes a 10mm nozzle diffuser and diffuser to mark your curls.

BaByliss Expert 2300 d362e has the best materials and a good construction to withstand the high temperatures of your engine. And is that this dryer has a 2,300 W power, but that will not be noticed on the electricity bill. The efficient technology of its motor makes consumption the equivalent of a 1,700 W model, a 25% energy saving.

BaByliss Expert 2300 for € 25.10

This BaByliss Expert 2300 D362E adapts to your hair and hairstyle, with the possibility of adjust the temperature in 6 levels. It incorporates a turbo button to bring the maximum power in an instant and a cold air button to mark the hairstyle. A dryer that we have selected in the Fnac Hogar promo for its characteristics and great price.

Previous price: € 39 / Promotion price: € 25.10

BaByliss Slim Protect ST326E, straightener for dry or wet hair

And after drying with the BaByliss Expert 2300, it’s time to straighten the hair and finish off any unruly curls. The Slim 28 Protect straightener offers the best results, both wet and dry. Its Wet & Dry technology allows a straightening and drying at the same time, respecting your hair. Adjust the power of the iron with its temperature selector composed of 16 levels ranging from 140ºC to 235ºC for thicker hair.

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BaByliss Slim Protect ST326E for € 25

It incorporates the ultra-thin 28mm BaByliss Diamond Ceramic plates. Its plates are of the floating type, which makes it easy to slide through the hair with constant pressure without damaging it. Being ceramic type, respects the hair and gives it greater shine. Perfect straightening as fresh from the hairdresser with this straightener chosen from the Fnac Hogar promo.

Previous price: € 39.99 / Promotion price: € 25

Solac Stillo kettle, electric kettle

A kettle is the essential household appliance for those who are passionate about herbal teas, teas or coffees. It has a capacity of 1 liter of water, ideal for impromptu meetings at home or in the office. Heat the water needed for 5 cups of 200 ml. It is made of stainless steel, with good finishes and an attractive red design.

Promo Fnac Home

Solac Stillo Kettle for € 36.99

It quickly reaches the boiling level with its resistance of 2,200 W of power, hidden in the base. In this way, you can take the jug anywhere as it lacks a cable. This Solac Stillo kettle is compact in size so it doesn’t take up space in the kitchen or on a table. It has an automatic switch-off when boiling and an on / off LED to know if it is working or not.

Previous Price: € 99.99 / Promotion Price: € 36.99

Taurus Mycook Touch, the best offer of the Fnac Hogar promo

Free your freezer from tappers and discover how the Taurus Mycook Touch can make great dishes for you. From 7 inch screen, we have access to a large cookbook organized by categories. Simply select one of the dishes, add the ingredients with the amounts indicated and follow the steps described. But do not think that the thing ends here, Taurus Mycook Touch is continuously updated thanks to the WiFi connection to have access to new recipes periodically. You can also send recipes from your smartphone.

All recipes have their nutritional information, so you will eat better and healthier. The robot has a scale function to add the right amounts, with a precision of 5 g. Induction cooking ranges from 40 ° C to 140 ° for stir-fries. Taurus Mycook Touch has 10 speeds, multiple functions (pulverize, grate, chop, crush, emulsify, fry, cook, among others) and a 2-liter stainless steel jug. With the Fnac Hogar promo, you can be yours with a 34% discount, almost nothing.

Previous price: € 1199 / Promotion price: € 792.90