Proscenic P11 Smart, we tested this powerful and versatile cordless vacuum cleaner

proscenic p11 smart, we tested this powerful and versatile cordless vacuum cleaner
proscenic p11 smart, we tested this powerful and versatile cordless vacuum cleaner

The Proscenic P11 Smart , unlike the Roborock Dyad , is a handy, and highly adaptable, cordless vacuum cleaner designed to thoroughly clean any space. Light and versatile enough , this compact Proscenic accessory has come to us courtesy of the manufacturer to test its qualities. We appreciate the trust placed in us by the company, and we invite you to learn about the characteristics of the vacuum cleaner, as well as our experience of use.

Presentation and design of the Proscenic P11 Smart vacuum cleaner

The P11 Smart reference is a novelty in the Proscenic company’s catalog of cordless vacuum cleaners . A device that also boasts versatility , since we can use it in two ways: handheld or broom . In addition, we are guaranteed easy use and includes enough accessories to adapt to many situations.

Proscenic P11 Smart

Proscenic P11 Smart, a compact vacuum cleaner with a long battery life

The product is delivered in a large rectangular cardboard box , practical and with an attractive design. A photo of the vacuum cleaner in its broom mode stands out, and is accompanied by texts that highlight the best qualities of the device.

Proscenic P11 Smart

Inside view of the box

Proscenic P11 Smart

All package elements protected and compartmentalized

The box protects the various elements it contains in perfect conditions, and allows a comfortable transport of the product.

Proscenic P11 Smart

Manual and vacuum cleaner accessories, such as the charger and its charging base

The main body of the vacuum cleaner is housed inside ; the manual with a section in Spanish ; and the following Proscenic P11 Smart accessories : a metal tube ; multifunction brush ; round brush ; motorized mini brush ; corner accessory ;  charging base and power adapter . In addition, some screws and adhesives are included to fix the charging base.

Proscenic P11 Smart

A good number of accessories to adapt the vacuum cleaner to the cleaning task

Design of the P11 Smart

The Proscenic vacuum cleaner has that good finish that the brand is used to in its products. Dark tones predominate in the device, black and gray , but the manufacturer adds a touch of blue that makes the device more attractive. The main body of the vacuum cleaner is a pistol type. The P11 Smart has a medium size, manageable.

Proscenic P11 Smart

The Proscenic P11 Smart has a pistol-shaped design

This model weighs 2.7 Kg and has dimensions of 36 x 23 cm with an approximate width of 11 cm . Almost all of the  Proscenic P11 Smart is made of plastic. It has a single button to operate, arranged as a kind of trigger on the handle. In addition, there are a few buttons distributed that are used to decouple the different elements of the main body of the P11 Smart . Both the button and the pushbuttons are distinguished by being blue .

Proscenic P11 Smart

Single button and touch screen control

Much of the weight of the vacuum cleaner is provided by the battery. A removable piece , which we can remove simply by pressing a couple of buttons. It is an interesting option to have a second battery, and thus clean while we are recharging the spare unit.

Proscenic P11 Smart

removable battery

Technical details of the Proscenic P11 Smart multipurpose vacuum cleaner

The P11 Smart is a cordless cleaning device that stands out for its good autonomy. The 8-cell lithium – ion battery is capable of running for a maximum of 60 minutes continuously. At full capacity of the device this time is reduced to 15 minutes . However, it has the benefit of fast charging , to be ready in just 2.5 hours .

capacity and power

The P11 Smart vacuum cleaner is a powerful cleaning tool, as it has a powerful 450 W motor . The device has a suction power of 30,000 Pa , more than enough to capture all kinds of debris from the floor, armchairs, or walls. The brushless  digital motor reaches 120,000 RPM , and traps dirt in a 650 mL capacity tank. This vacuum cleaner has a filtering system in four stages divided into filters: stainless steel mesh ; sponge ; High Efficiency HEPA ; and cyclonic .

Proscenic P11 Smart

Four-stage filtration system

How the Proscenic P11 Smart works

The Proscenic P11 Smart comes out of the box practically ready to use. It is advisable to charge the battery first before getting down to work. After putting the device at 100% of its capacity, it is time to attach one of the accessories, the one that best suits the cleaning task to be carried out, and start vacuuming. All you have to do is press the power button . Then the screen shows the battery level, and starts in AUTO mode of operation. Through its touch panel , you can change the operating mode and power . The automatic mode is a delight, it takes care of regulating the power according to the type of surface , and so we only have to focus on passing the brush.

Proscenic P11 Smart

The touch screen allows easy operation while informing what is important

Simple and effective cleaning of any corner

This is a multipurpose device , which allows us to use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner or broom . This depends, logically, on having the long metal tube attached or not. The main accessory is the motorized multifunction brush , with a rubber roller with bristles capable of trapping dirt on hard floors, rugs and carpets, effectively and without tangles. In addition, it has LED lights that make it easy to detect the remains scattered on the floor.

Proscenic P11 Smart

The removable battery gives us up to 60 minutes of autonomy

In general terms, it is a comfortable device to use , with good ergonomics , although the weight of almost 3 kg can be problematic for older people. This is solved, in part, by means of wheels on the back of the main brush , as it significantly eases the movement of the device. The variety of accessories included with the vacuum cleaner, very easy to exchange, provides enormous flexibility to clean whatever is necessary: ​​furniture, car, and corners.

Proscenic P11 Smart

LED lighting on the brush

Technical specifications of the Proscenic P11 Smart vacuum cleaner

In the following table we detail all the features of the Proscenic P11 Smart :

Dimensions 36 x 23 x 11cm
Weight 2.7kg
Color Gray
Guy brushless digital
Power 450W
suction power 30,000Pa
revolutions 120,000 RPM
Noise 70-78dB
Solids tank capacity 650mL
Functions vacuum and sweep
  • Auto (Automatic)
  • Eco (Energy saving)
  • Max (Maximum)
Filter Four stages:

  • cyclone technology
  • stainless steel mesh
  • sponge filter
  • High Efficiency HEPA
  • Can be used as a handheld vacuum
  • Led lights
  • Pet hair brush (optional)
Guy Lithium ion (8 cells)
Autonomy up to 60 minutes
Loading time 2 – 2.5 hours
Others removable
Guy Touch LED
  • battery level
  • error codes
  • Modes of use
  • suction levels
Nominal voltage 28.8V
rated power 350W
Rated input current 1A
Charger input voltage/frequency 100-240V AC / 50-60Hz
Charger output voltage 34.2 VDC
Box contents
  • Proscenic P11 Smart Vacuum Cleaner
  • Metal tube
  • Multifunction floor brush
  • round brush
  • electric mini brush
  • Corner accessory
  • Base to hang on the wall
  • Power adapter
  • Manual

Conclusions about the Proscenic P11 Smart cordless vacuum cleaner

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The Proscenic P11 Smart vacuum cleaner more than fulfills what it promises. It is a fantastic and powerful device to quickly and thoroughly clean the house or any other space, due to its portability . The device adapts to all kinds of situations, without any complications, thanks to the included accessories . All as simple as pressing a button. So after testing the Proscenic P11 Smart  and enjoying its great performance, we give it our Gold Award .


  • Great suction power.
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes many accessories.
  • Somewhat noisier than expected.
  • Its almost three kilos of weight can be uncomfortable for older people.