Ready for a more efficient home cleaning?

Limpieza Del Hogar Foto 1.png
Limpieza Del Hogar Foto 1.png

As every year, when the good weather approaches we prepare to do home cleaning, put away winter things and dust off summer ones. However, while general cleanliness ushers in a great time, it is such an arduous task that many times we are lazy even thinking about her.

Therefore, in Gizhogar we are going to periodically give you some great tips that will come in handy to carry out a much faster and more efficient complete cleaning.

Oil, wood’s best friend

We will start with the improvement of our wooden furniture. Surely you have a table or shelf that suffers constant damage and you do not know how to fix it. As well, The solution is very simple, because by mixing half a glass of olive oil with half a glass of vinegar and spreading the preparation on the surface, our furniture will be like new and without a scratch.


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