Recommendations for growing with LEC lighting

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recomendaciones para el cultivo con iluminacion lec.jpg

In recent times, cannabis growers have witnessed the arrival of new technologies that promise to change the game, one of them is growing with LEC lighting, and the good news is that it has genuinely proven to be a viable alternative. For context, an LEC grow light uses Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) technology, which is a newer iteration of High Density Discharge (HID) bulbs that create a light that better mimics natural sunlight. With a full spectrum of light, plants can become healthier and stronger. This can improve growth and yield rates, increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of an indoor garden.  

Growing with LEC lighting is giving its LED lighting counterpart stiff competition due to its benefits, and like the latter, LEC Lighting Kits are easy to come by. Sites like  offer everything you need to start growing immediately in one place. 

LEC lighting

What must be considered? 

Behind every technology there is a science, and obviously LEC lighting is no exception. Going into detail, LEC bulbs of course generate a lot of UVB light, and UVB light can be extremely powerful , so a proper distance must be maintained between the lights and the plants. With this in mind, the buds should be a little further from the light than they would be with an alternative lighting system. 

For a 315 watt bulb, for example, the ideal distance between the plant and the light source is 40 cm. Meanwhile, for a 630 watt bulb, it would be better if the herbs were 50cm apart, and that is during the growth phase only; As we will see below, there are specific recommendations based on the power and temperature of the lamp. 

Recommendations for growing with 315W lights

Recommendations for growing with 315W lights 

When it comes to 315 watt LEC lighting, it is advisable to maintain a distance between the tip of the plant and the focus of 30cm during the flowering phase , while during the growth phase the ideal distance is 40 to 45cm. Due to the power, the optimal growing area is 1m x 1m and can be used from 9 pots of 11 liters to 49 pots of 3 liters on the surface. 

Likewise, the ideal temperature to maintain at the top of the plant is 24-25 ° C , and this goes for all LEC lighting solutions in general. 

630W LEC lighting 

For this power, the recommended distance between the bulb and the plant is 40cm during the flowering phase and 50cm during the growth phase . In this scenario, the optimal growing area is 1.2 x 1.2m and the distribution recommendations for the pots range from 16 11-liter pots to 81 3-liter pots. 

Growing with LEC lighting

945W and 1000W LEC lighting 

In this case the distance between the plant and the focus should be 50cm in the flowering phase and 60cm in the growth phase . In addition, the optimal growing area is 1.5mx 1.5m and the distribution according to the type of pot is as follows: 25 11-liter pots, 36 7-liter pots or 100 3-liter pots. 

Types of LEC bulbs and their use in the growing phases 

Additionally, we will need to use bulbs with the appropriate temperature for each phase of the crop. 

  • 3000K: It is used in the flowering phase to get extra resin. 
  • 3100K:  Recommended for all phases of cultivation in cuttings and Indica plants, although in the others it is only recommended for flowering. 
  • LEC 4200K mixed: Can be used for both growth and flowering. 
  • 10,000K LEC: It is used exclusively in the last 7-14 days of flowering so that the marijuana plant resins more. 

Types of LEC bulbs and their use in the growing phases