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Summer has only just begun and you’re already sick of the heat. Do you feel identified with this premise? Today we bring you a selection of very refreshing products to make this summer season much more appealing: fans, refrigerators, underwater chambers, portable coolers… You will find all this and much more in the PcComponentes PcDays offers!

Before getting into the matter, let us tell you what the main keys of this promo are. Is it availabe until july 10offers us more than 1,000 products with up to 60% discount and we will also enjoy free shipping in 24 hours for orders from 50 euros and also free returns for the first 30 days after your purchase. Also, if it involves a significant outlay and you want to give yourself a break, you can finance your purchase with a 0% TIN and APR in 3, 6, 12 or 18 months.

here you can see all the offers of the PcComponentes PcDays:

Do you want to go to shot made? Below we show you our own selection with the best discounts that you should take advantage of these PCDays. Dive into them!

DeLonghi Authentic Super Automatic Coffee Maker with Grinder

DeLonghi Authentic Super Automatic Coffee Machine with Grinder

Also in summer we need that coffee that wakes us up, wakes us up, brings us back to life, either after an endless nap or to endure a whole night of partying in the beach bars. Is DeLonghi Authentic Super Automatic Coffee Maker with Grinder It is a coffee maker that you will also want to use in winter. It allows us to prepare two cups at the same time, it has an integrated grinder, a milk frother and a built-in screen.

Regular price: 362 euros / Sale price: 349 euros / Discount: 3%

Kilawea Yogi L32 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Kilawea Yogi L32 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is a type of appliance that we need at home to free up time on the tasks we have to do at home. It is important that the model we choose gives us good results so that we do not have to work twice. In this sense, this Kilawea Yogi L32 It offers us 4 functions in 1 (sweeps, vacuums, scrubs and mops), 9 cleaning modes, smart laser technology and home mapping.

Regular price: 259 euros / Sale price: 204.99 euros / Discount: 20%

Asus RT-AX53U WiFi Router 6 AX1800

Asus RT-AX53U WiFi Router 6 AX1800

Being on vacation does not mean wanting to be disconnected. If you want to continue using the internet, whether it’s to keep an eye on your email, or to watch movies, play video games or make video calls with the other side of the world, this Asus RT-AX53U It is an excellent option to have the best connectivity wherever you go.

Regular price: 99.90 euros / Sale price: 58.89 euros / Discount: 41%

Moulinex DD665D10 Quickchef Hand Mixer 1000W

Moulinex DD665D10

Another product that will help you a lot in your day to day life is this blender. Moulinex DD665D10. With a power of 1,000 W, you can prepare your freshest recipes here. It comes with 10 speeds, an 800ml measuring cup, a 500ml chopper and four large blades.

Regular price: 64.99 euros / Sale price: 50 euros / Discount: 23%

Princess Smart Aerofryer Oil Free Fryer 4.5L 1500W

Princess Smart Aerofryer Oil Free Fryer 4.5L 1500W

Another of the household appliances that are very fashionable and that will help us save time, effort and eat healthier. It’s about the hot air fryersin this case we recommend the Princess Smart Air Fryerwhich has a capacity of 4.5 liters, a power of 1,500W and we can control it from the mobile.

Regular price: 148 euros / Sale price: 99.98 euros / Discount: 32%

Owlotech Oslo Black Office Chair

Owlotech Oslo Black Office Chair

If you don’t have an office chair in your second home, but want a space to work or play, this Owlotech Oslo is an ideal option that is now on sale on PcDays. It is super comfortable, resistant to bumps and scratches, comes with lumbar support and is made of fabric and mesh.

Regular price: 144.99 euros / Sale price: 114.99 euros / Discount: 20%

Candy Brava H CF 3C7LFW Dishwasher Capacity 13 Cutlery D White

Candy Brava H CF 3C7LFW

We continue with the appliances that are going to help put aside household chores and we are now going to talk about this Candy Brava H CF 3C7LFW. It has a capacity of 13 services, it has two heights and it comes with connectivity to control it from the mobile, something super comfortable so that we can be attentive to our dishwasher even if you are on the beach.

Regular price: 348 euros / Sale price: 327 euros / Discount: 6%

Philips Hue White Ambiance Kit 2 Smart LED Bulbs E27 Warm to Cool White

Philips Hue White Ambiance

We continue with these PcComponentes PcDays offers with this kit of two light bulbs Philips Hue White Ambiance. With LED technology, to help us save energy and money, you can choose the colors and shades. Give your home a change of scenery.

Regular price: 103 euros / Sale price: 68.61 euros / Discount: 33%

Infiniton MW-F230 Microwave Without Plate 23L Black

Infiniton MW-F230 Microwave Without Plate 23L Black

And without a doubt, the king of household appliances for those seasons in which we want to do the minimum is the microwave. Today, within the framework of these PcComponentes PcDays offers, we recommend the Infinity MW-F230, with 23 liters of capacity, a very modern design and a power of 800W. In addition, it does not have a plate, a curiosity that makes it a very versatile model.

Regular price: 124.99 euros / Sale price: 94.99 euros / Discount: 24%

Ewent Car Vacuum Cleaner with Ozone Disinfection

We finish this review of our ten favorite offers of these PcComponentes PcDays with the ewent vacuum cleaner. It is a model focused on cars, with ozone disinfection, three suction nozzles, a 2,500 mAh portable battery and a dry powder tank capacity of 0.12 liters.

Regular price: 44.90 euros / Sale price: 34.99 euros / Discount: 22%