Remington PR1370, a good electric shaver

Remington Pr1370 Cabecera 1.jpg
Remington Pr1370 Cabecera 1.jpg

We continue to present products for you and yours in Ghizogar and, today, we bring you another Remington brand shaver, for this, it presents the Remington PR1370, an Aqua Plus rotary shaver.

Remington PR1370

The Remington PR1370 shaver is the older sister of the one we saw previously and it has the same benefits. Like the other model, it advertises a close shave for his his Comfort Pivot head, with its adaptation and sliding comfortable. Also has Active Contour technology to allow each head suits to the features of each face.

Like the other models, it has a antimicrobial zone around the blades with the aim of reduce irritation, especially in the most sensitive skin. It has an a50 min autonomy.

General characteristics

Remington PR1370
Dimensions 6 x 5.9 x 15.3 cm
Weight 159 g
Characteristics • The area around the cutters is antimicrobial for a hygienic and delicate shave

• Pivoting comfort head: cushioned control system responds to every contour

• Comfort trim: extendable temple trimmer with rounded blades for flawless touch-ups

• LED indicator: charge / battery full / battery empty

• Cordless, with lithium battery for up to 50 minutes of use

Opinions from the Remington PR1370

This shaver is at a higher level than its sister for its power, accessories and autonomy. His value for money is good. It is also easy to use, water resistant and very handy. Although in a hurry it still does not resemble a high-end shaver, but its results are good.

Remington PR1370

Availability and price of the Remington PR1370

We can find the Remington PR1370 electric shaver at a very economical price in black color in trusted stores like Amazon or PcComponentes.

If you are looking for more electric shavers, take a look at the Braun Series 1 130s-1, also here at Gizhogar.


  • Waterproof
  • 50 min autonomy
  • Economical price

  • Does not rush at all

Total score


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