Roborock Dyad, a very versatile broom vacuum cleaner

roborock dyad, a very versatile broom vacuum cleaner
roborock dyad, a very versatile broom vacuum cleaner

No more having to change vacuum cleaners when picking up wet or dry dirt with the powerful and versatile Roborock Dyad . This Roborock broom vacuum will allow you to clean your entire home with great efficiency and even simultaneously, so you don’t have to mop afterwards. Have you ever known such a flexible vacuum cleaner?

This is the Roborock Dyad

There are many vacuum cleaners that we can see on the market, but few as versatile as the Roborock Dyad, a broom that allows you to clean both dry and wet, and best of all: simultaneously.

Thanks to its design and its easy handling, cleaning will no longer be such a tedious task, in addition to that, as you will see below, the benefits that this vacuum cleaner offers you will allow you to clean comfortably, in a very simple way and without the need to be taking several passes.

With a battery life that promises uninterrupted cleaning of 35 min or 280 square meters of cleaning area, its clean water reservoir is 850 ml and additionally it comes with a 650 liter dirty water reservoir.

Simultaneous cleaning

The Roborock Dyad, as we have already anticipated, can clean both dry and wet dirt in a single pass. For this reason, it is a much more practical vacuum cleaner than many that we can find on the market and it has two motors that drive its system of several rollers for a perfect cleaning.

In fact, when cleaning, while you do it with the surfaces of your home, the brushes of the vacuum cleaner clean each other with the clean water of the vacuum cleaner. Thus, no more passing a dirty mop or changing them every two by three. In addition, the vacuum cleaner itself can suck up dirty water, so floors will always be clean and, above all, dry.

Roborock Dyad

Versatile vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is also very versatile, since thanks to the design of its main roller , which has a full length to which two rear rollers are added, it is capable of lifting dirt in a very efficient way.

In fact, the rear rollers of the Roborock Dyad, as they go from one edge of the head to the other , can cover more space and therefore clean the edges better, so your surfaces will be completely clean.

And all this without effort, since the head itself moves because the two rollers rotate in the opposite direction. In this way, you can move the vacuum cleaner completely, both from front to back without using force. Thus, you can use it under tables and even chairs, regardless of the legs.

Once you clean, in addition, the rollers themselves can be cleaned, since you only have to press a button to separate the solid dirt from the dirty water in its own tank. In this way, when they finish cleaning, the only thing left is to empty the tank.

Another advantage, without a doubt, that this vacuum cleaner offers us is that it is more intelligent than other vacuum cleaners on the market. This means that, for example, you can increase the suction and water power automatically, depending on the needs of the surfaces you are passing through.

In addition, it has a screen that shows you the level of dirt on the floor so that you can know where you have to be more insistent with cleaning and, therefore, carry out a deeper one so that the results are perfect.

Roborock Dyad

Powerful and functional

Finally, it should be noted that the Roborock Dyad is a powerful and also very functional vacuum cleaner , because it not only indicates the level of dirt on the surfaces, as we have just seen, but also emits voice messages that will indicate different instructions or recommendations.

On a single charge, it can cover up to 280 square meters and has a special way to dry the floor that is called the same way and that can be very useful for, for example, drying the bathroom floor after someone has done it. you have showered or washed your face.

And if you want your home to not only be clean, but also have a very pleasant smell, you can always use the floor cleaner specially created for Roborock and that is scented with tea tree oil so that it not only smells good, but also Also thoroughly disinfect the surfaces you pass through.

Roborock Dyad

Roborock Dyad Features



Mark: Roborock
Model: Dyad
Color: Negro
Engine power: 260W
Suction pressure (KPa): 13Kpa
Battery Specifications: 5000mAh
Working time: 35 minutes (automatic mode)
Loading time: 4H
Clean water tank capacity: 0.85L
Dirty water tank capacity: 0.62L
Led screen: Yes
Power cord length: 1.8m
Noise level: 78dB
Net weight: 5,1 kg
Package weight: 10,2 kg
Product size: 1112 * 270 * 191 mm
Package size (L x W x H): 822 * 357 * 218 mm
Content 1 x Wet and dry vacuum cleaner
1 x Adapter
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Charging base



Opinions from the Roborock Dyad

This vacuum cleaner is very good value for money. It is very versatile and very easy to use, and its design allows you to use it without getting tired. The fact that it can clean wet and dry dirt makes it a very versatile appliance , especially since it also allows you to even only dry if water has been spilled on the floor.

In addition, it has a good autonomy in automatic mode , if we take into account that in other broom vacuums this is an aspect in which they usually fail. Of course, as a main negative point we find that it is quite noisy, so we cannot expect that we are facing a silent vacuum cleaner that does not bother at all.

Roborock Dyad





  • Very good value for money.
  • Very versatile.
  • It cleans dry and wet simultaneously.
  • You can clean your own rollers.
  • Very easy to use.




  • Noisy