Roborock E5, a hassle-free robot vacuum cleaner

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The Roborock E5 is a simple robot vacuum cleaner designed to cover your daily cleaning needs without any complications. This Roborock robot is indicated for those people who want one of these vacuum cleaners, but who are not looking for too modern devices that prevent them from enjoying the experience. This robot vacuum cleaner vacuums and cleans dust without any pretensions.

We talk about the Roborock E5

Nowadays, more and more households have robot vacuum cleaners like the Roborock E5. However, over the years, these types of robots add more and more technologies that, on many occasions, instead of making them more practical, make them more complicated to understand and use.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that its presence in the houses has been a revolution in terms of cleaning, since they allow us to keep them clean without us having to invest too much effort in it. For this reason, over time the number of people who want to benefit from the benefits of this type of device increases.

When this happens, it is not surprising that some of these people look for options that, apart from being cheaper, do not come with so many functions and serve them to clean the different surfaces of their home. Even, many do not even want these robots to map the home, but rather comply with the minimum cleaning that is desired when you buy one of these devices.

Therefore, in the market, we will find models ranging from very innovative with laser mapping systems, functions in the application, compatibility with smart speakers, etc., to simpler models that can also scrub, but are very easy to use because They can be activated by means of their function buttons or a simple remote control that they bring included.

Simple but effective navigation

The Roborock E5 is a black robot vacuum cleaner that will help you keep your house clean thanks to its simple but effective navigation. This Roborock robot vacuum cleaner model comes equipped with the OpticEye technology, consisting of dual gyroscopes and internal maps to help you navigate your home and find out what’s left to clean.

In addition, it also has interesting technologies that we will delve into below, such as HyperForce suction, and it has twice the autonomy so that the cleaning can be more lasting and deep. All this allowing you to handle it with the MagBase remote control.

In fact, thanks to the OpticEye system and its dual gyros, it tracks movements efficiently, in addition to having internal maps to know where it is and where it has passed or not, as well as a very useful bumper that will protect both it and your furniture.

Then, with the MagBase remote control, you can operate it without problems and best of all, it is designed so that you can always have it within reach, since it ise adheres to most magnetic surfaces.

A hybrid robot for greater reach

The Roborock E5 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, which means it can both vacuum and scrub. The biggest advantage in your case is that you can do it even simultaneously, investing up to 150 square meters in scrubbing with your su SnapMop 4 system with a capacity of 180 ml. In this way, you can get rid of the finer particles that a normal vacuum can let out.

In addition, it comes with a large capacity battery, 5200 mAh, so enjoy a quite interesting autonomy of up to 200 minutes. With this time, he is able to clean a home completely in just one cleaning session.

Besides, it is also capable of cleaning large spaces and surfaces, since, if the battery runs out or starts to run out, the robot itself returns to its charging station to recharge and then, as you remember where you left off, you will return to the same point to finish cleaning.

All this with the possibility of deep clean carpets thanks to its Automatic Carpet Reinforcement function which causes the suction power to increase when one of them is detected. This way, your whole house will be kept clean and in order.

Roborock E5

Ready for deep cleaning

What’s more, the Roborock E5 can reach every corner, since, in addition to being able to go through the entire home, it also can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high. In this way, you can overcome slopes or thresholds without problems and reach any space. Something that complements its low height so you can even clean under furniture.

In addition, its dust container is 640 ml, so it can be considered a large capacity and, thus, it must be emptied less frequently. Like its filters, which are washable and have the E118 classification, which means that they pick up small particles and even pollen. As they are washable, you can rinse them and reuse them to save on filters.

Roborock E5

Roborock E5 Features

Roborock E5
Product size: 350 * 350 * 90.5mm
Package size: 393 * 142 * 467mm
Box size: 489 * 403 * 152mm
Colour: black White
Navigation system: OpticEye + dual gyroscope
Maximum suction 2500 Pa
Dust bin capacity 640 ml
Water tank capacity 180 ml
Net Weight Approximately 2.96 kg
Features Swept
Execution time 200 minutes (silent mode)
Battery 5200 mAh
Swept area 200 m2 (silent mode)
Loading time <6 h
Height of crossing obstacle? 0.8 in. (2 cm)
It includes Sweep and mop simultaneously
Floating main brush
Dynamic speed side brush
Click-In Water Tank
Two-level adjustable water flow
13 types of sensors
Comprehensive application control
Remote control
Post-cleanup map
Z-shaped path
Automatic recharge

Opinions from the Roborock E5

Really, this robot vacuum cleaner It is very simple and it is designed for those who are not looking for a very advanced one. Cleans well and is easy to control with your remote control, but it does not map the home, so it scrolls somewhat randomly, and It cannot be programmed for him to do the cleaning automatically without us being there.

However, its autonomy, suction power and the fact that it is a hybrid and can scrub also make it have a good value for money.

Roborock E5

Availability and price

And if you are not looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, but a vacuum cleaner as such, here we leave you one of the broom: the Roborock H7.

  • Good suction power.
  • Quite autonomy.
  • Hybrid.
  • Good value for money.

  • It does not map the home.
  • It does not scroll intelligently.
  • It cannot be programmed.

Total score