Roller mosquito nets, the best solution to sleep peacefully in summer

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Mosquiteras Enrollables.jpg

With the arrival of summer, annoying mosquitoes also appear ready to ruin our vacations. Apart from being a nuisance, these types of insects cause, in the best of cases, an unbearable itch and inflammation of the skin. At worst, they serve as transmitters of diseases as serious as dengue, malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya or the Zika virus, to name the most important. Although a system has not yet been invented that will permanently end this plague, it has been proven that the best way to deal with it is to install roll-up mosquito nets, both in doors and windows.

Roll-up mosquito nets, protect yourself from all kinds of insects

And it is that cheap mosquito nets They have become the perfect solution to get rid of these tiny intruders, which threaten our rest and especially our health. But it is that in addition to protecting ourselves against mosquitoes, they serve to prevent all kinds of insects or small animals from entering our home, at the same time that it prevents any pets that we have at home from escaping. If you have children and you live on a high floor, you will always be able to have the windows open, without fear that the little ones in the house may fall. And with the advantage that we will not have to give up enjoying natural ventilation.

Mosquito nets are used to prevent all kinds of insects or small animals from entering our home.

Types of mosquito nets

It should be noted that Currently on the market we find different types of mosquito nets. The use of one class or another will depend on our needs, and on whether we are going to install it on windows or doors. Next we are going to give a review of the most used models, with special emphasis on the roll-up mosquito nets, which are today the most practical and widespread system:

  • Sliding mosquito nets. They are probably the best option to put on the windows. Especially if you want to always keep the window open so that the room can be refreshed, while you feel the breeze and relax lying in the armchair watching TV.
  • Fixed mosquito nets. It is a safe and most economical bet, to “create” a barrier on windows and doors, that does not let mosquitoes enter your home. It is especially recommended for places that are not accessed continuously, such as bathrooms and garages.
  • Pleated mosquito nets. Due to their design and functionality, they are more focused on “covering” large gaps, such as large windows or doors where people pass frequently. The vertical pleat is the one that is placed on the windows; while for the doors, the most suitable is the side pleat, which allows a comfortable passage without obstacles on the ground.
  • Folding mosquito nets. They are an excellent alternative to install on exterior doors where “traffic” is frequent. Apart from their effectiveness and great durability, they have in their favor that they will add a touch of style to your home, becoming one more decorative element. They are usually used on ground floors or access to gardens.
  • Roll-up mosquito nets. As we mentioned at the beginning, roll-up mosquito nets for doors they are the most popular (although there are also for windows). In addition to being available in different colors, materials and finishes, they are characterized because their installation is very easy and fast. Among the different models available, one that comes with an anti-pollen mesh caught our attention, which also protects us from pollen and pollution from big cities. This type of fabric absorbs a large part of polluting particles, allowing only clean air to pass through, so that in your home you can enjoy a healthy and clean environment.
Roller mosquito nets, popular

Of all the types there are, roll-up mosquito nets are the most popular and widespread model.

Bet on cheap and quality mosquito nets

With the use of mosquito nets, in addition to guaranteeing that when we open the doors and windows, insects or any type of animal from outside do not penetrate, they will suppose us an important economic saving, since we will not have to turn on the air conditioning many times in the summer months. Finally, comment that Installing roll-up mosquito nets is not a great investment. On the Internet you will find several online stores with cheap and quality mosquito nets.