Roomba 694, is this robot vacuum cleaner worth it?


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iRobot is the brand of robot vacuum cleaners recognized for its quality and today we will talk about a popular model: the Roomba 694 or iRobot Roomba 694. This robot vacuum cleaner will help you keep your home clean with its great suction power, as well as its different technologies that will allow you to program it and much more.

We talk about the Roomba 694

If you share your life with pets, surely on more than one occasion you have considered acquiring a robot vacuum cleaner such as the iRobot Roomba 694 or Roomba 694. This type of vacuum cleaners, in truth, means that we do not have to make so much effort in cleaning , since that they do it economically and increasingly have better and more advanced technologies so that the results are impeccable.

In the case of the model that we will talk about today, as we will see below, it belongs to the iRobot brand, well known precisely for its robot vacuum cleaners. In fact, it is so popular that these types of robots, whatever their brand, are often called “roombas”, so you can get an idea of ​​the effectiveness of their aspiration. If you are interested or are thinking of buying one, do not miss what we have to tell you.

Roomba 694

Smart and practical

The Roomba 694, as we have already advanced and you can imagine, is a robot vacuum designed so that your floors are always clean. Thanks to its iRobot Home app , you can schedule cleaning from wherever you are and whenever you want, so that the robot can go out to clean when it suits you best.

It comes with a powerful cleaning system that is capable of capturing not only hair and other types of dirt, but also hairs, even those of pets, as well as dirt and other types of debris that can get in difficult places such as carpets . In addition, to make cleaning much more effective, it has been built with patented sensors to work in depth.

Thanks to the fact that it has the iAdapt navigation system , it uses its sensors to move intelligently throughout your house and its corners, without presenting problems. In addition, apart from motion sensors, it also has acoustic sensors that allow it to detect areas with more accumulated dirt to influence them more when cleaning them.

It also has a low profile that allows it to move under furniture, as well as to work with baseboards , so it will prominently pick up any dirt it finds. All this without having to worry about a fall, since its slope detection sensors will make it avoid stairs and other slopes.

As for its smarter functions, we have already commented that we can make use of its iRobot HOME application to be able to establish certain tasks and schedule it depending on the type of cleaning we want and when it suits us best.

It doesn’t matter if you are not at home or near the robot, the smartphone app ensures efficient and hassle-free programming of the robot vacuum cleaner. In addition, through this app you can also consult cleaning tips and tricks, as well as obtain assistance in case of any inconvenience.

And that’s not all, you can also check the status of the robot’s cleaning jobs, as well as schedule a schedule that can be preconfigured to vacuum each and every one of the seven days of the week and, thus, your home is always clean. . Regardless of the type of flooring, of course, because it works on hard surfaces as well as on carpet and carpet.

Once it has finished working, it is able to return to its charging base, although it does not only do so when it has completed its work. If it runs out of battery, it also comes back to charge and picks up where it left off.

Roomba 694

Ensured cleanliness

Actually, the Roomba 694 is a very clean robot, because the way to clean it offers in three steps is very effective. First it descales the dirt, lifts it up and finally sucks it up. With this three-stage cleaning combined with its rotating side brush, no corner will be left uncleaned.

In addition, it can also clean the walls and corners, as it has a rotating side brush that pushes dirt up to the nozzle so that everything is perfectly. Its AeroVac filter , meanwhile, guarantees optimal dirt collection, even the finest dust.

In summary

To summarize everything that the Roomba 694 offers us, we can say that it is effective thanks to the 3-phase cleaning system, since it consists of descaling, lifting and suction of dirt , and it is carried out on floors of any type, both hard like rugs and carpets.

Its two multi-surface cleaning brushes collect all kinds of dirt, as one helps to remove it perfectly and the other facilitates vacuuming. This is the case both on the floors and on the edges and corners, since this robot will also help you keep them clean without having to strain on your part.

Thanks to its set of sensors, it is an intelligent robot that will avoid dangerous areas, for example with stairs, it will move under furniture and avoid colliding with them. Its Dirt Detect technology helps you determine and recognize the places where dirt accumulates the most and, as if this were not enough, you can not only control it with its iRobot HOME app, but also with Alexa and Google Assistant through voice commands.

Roomba 694

IRobot Roomba 694 Features



Robot Dimensions 33 x 9.4 cm
Robot Weight 3.54 kg
Filter type AeroVac
Battery Type Lithium ion
Tank capacity 0.6 liters
Box contents: Roomba® 694 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Home Base Charging Station
Power Cable



Opinions from the Roomba 694

Without a doubt, the quality of this robot is very high , as it offers very good cleaning results. In addition, being compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant , we can order you to clean using only our voice. However, it must be said that its price is somewhat expensive, taking into account that its navigation is not by means of laser mapping and, in addition, it is not a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner , being able to find these for a similar price.

Roomba 694





  • Very effective cleaning.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Programmable cleaning.




  • High price.
  • It is not a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner.