Roomba 695, a good robot vacuum cleaner at a good price.

roomba 695 cabecera.jpg
roomba 695 cabecera.jpg

If you like iRobot and, specifically, its brand of robot vacuum cleaners Roomba, here we leave you the Roomba 695, a robot with good performance, at a good price and without sacrificing the quality of the brand.

Roomba 695

The Roomba 695 has dimensions of 35.5 cm x 9.3 cm and a weight of 3.56 kg, so although it is a bit larger than its later version, it weighs the same. You can connect to it to start cleaning from anywhere thanks to the Wifi that it has incorporated. Its three-phase cleaning system with a side sweeping brush is specially designed to remove dirt, lift it and vacuum it from all types of floors. Count with one system called Dirt Detect which uses acoustic sensors to tell the robot to clean more insistently in areas where dirt accumulates more frequently or in particularly dirty areas. In addition, you can preset it to clean daily or when it suits you best. Its iRobot Home application will help you to schedule a defined cleaning schedule that will respond to your needs and you can do it from anywhere and at any time

In this way, we are facing an intelligent robot, since it moves without problems thanks to its system of iAdapt navigation, which uses a complete set of sensors that allow the robot to move around every corner of your house. Likewise, it detects even the dirt that we could overlook and this achieves it, as we have mentioned before, thanks to its complete group of acoustic sensors that also detect areas of high concentration of dust and dirt. What this achieves is that the robot, afterwards, performs a deep cleaning in those areas. Plus, thanks to its low profile, you can clean under furniture without a problem. The iRobot Roomba 695 will be able to vacuum under most furniture and baseboards without leaving uncleaned corners or areas where dirt remains.
And do not worry about stairs or unevenness, its slope detection sensors will allow you to dodge them and avoid any obstacle that may cause you to rush and suffer any inconvenience.

Using the Roomba 695 is simple. As we have told you, you can connect from anywhere thanks to the iRobot HOME App, which allows you to clean and schedule cleaning for when it suits you best or is most convenient for you, whenever you want and from anywhere. This application will also give you support on your robot with tips, tricks and assistance and all from the palm of your hand. You can monitor the status of the iRobot Roomba 695 and see how it is cleaning, how much it has left and which areas it has cleaned.
It will also clean according to the scheduled schedule, which can be preconfigured so you vacuum and clean up to seven times a week, resulting in a clean home every day. This robot will also clean and work on all types of floors, since it automatically adjusts to be able to face any type of surface. It does not matter if it is carpet, ceramic, wood or laminate. The Roomba 695 will enter all the rooms of your home without any problem. And when the work is done or the battery is running low, it will automatically dock and recharge. In this way, since he returns alone to his Hombe Base charging station, it will always be ready to clean, since it will recharge its energy between cleaning and cleaning.

Finally, you will enjoy a clean robot, which will not suck up one part of the dirt and leave another while it works. The Roomba 695 descales dust or dirt, picks it up and then sucks it on. This is the patented three-phase cleaning system that guarantees enviable efficiency in view of the results it offers. Its rotating side brush, specifically designed to descale debris from surfaces, is what also lifts them so that the robot itself can vacuum them and works perfectly on carpets, rugs and hard floors. It also sweeps along walls and in corners, as this brush pushes debris wherever it is, all the way to the three-stage cleaning system, preventing any dirt from escaping. His AeroVac filter will take care, in the end, of capture dirt and fine dust, preventing them from returning to the environment and controlling the emission of allergens, which will facilitate a cleaner environment and less prone to causing allergies in your home.

IRobot Roomba 695 Features

Roomba 695
Height 9.3 cm
Battery technology Lithium
Width 35.5 cm
Operating time 120 min
Automatic return to base station Yes
Product color Black
Stair detector Yes
Scrub Not
User manual Yes
Remote control via APP Yes
Weight 3.56 kg
Loading time 2 hours
Tank capacity 0.6 liters
Virtual wall Yes
Type of supported surfaces Carpet, hard floor
Box contents 1 iRobot® Roomba® 695

1 rechargeable battery

1 Home Base ™ Charging Base

1 power cord

1 Virtual Wall® Dual wall (2 AA batteries included)

1 additional filter

1 flat cleaning tool

User guide and documentation package

Opinions from the Roomba 695

This robot vacuum cleaner has a good value for money, since Roomba is usually synonymous with quality. Of course, it is no less true that you can find robot vacuum cleaners with similar benefits and even additional features such as the possibility of scrubbing for the same price. Even so, it is always a safe bet if you have pets at home and its advantage is that you can control it by app. It is not one of the most powerful and fine of the brand, but it is undoubtedly a guaranteed product.

Roomba 695

Availability and price of the Roomba 695

As it is an old model, not all stores have it, but, if you are interested in purchasing it, you can do it at PcComponentes, Media Markt and Ebay.

Or also, if you prefer to save a little more, but want to have a robot vacuum cleaner of the brand, you can also take a look at the Roomba 676.

  • Good suction power.
  • Good value for money.
  • Can be controlled by app.
  • Good results with pet hair.

  • It is something difficult to find in stores.
  • Its size is larger than other models, so it can be difficult to go under certain furniture.
  • It is not a hybrid robot, so it cannot scrub.

Total score


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