Roomba 697, robot vacuum cleaner at a good price and good cleaner

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Roomba 697 Cabecera.jpg

The Roomba 697 o iRobot Roomba 697 guarantees you clean and perfect surfaces no matter what type they are. This robot vacuum cleaner from the iRobot brand works with cleaning in three phases to ensure that not even a particle of dirt remains on your floors.

We talk about the Roomba 697

The iRobot Roomba 697 or Roomba 697 is a robot vacuum cleaner that belongs to the iRobot brand, so, without a doubt, one of its characteristics is that it is a reliable robot vacuum cleaner that will always offer us good cleaning results. This is because we do not have to forget that the brand is one of the pioneers in terms of this type of robot. In fact, this type of robot vacuum cleaners have led to a revolution in household cleaning, as they replace the broom and vacuum cleaners. Thus, in those households whose members do not have much time to clean for different reasons, they have become very popular. Most of them move automatically to be able to work autonomously and that is why they are increasingly present in homes.

At this point it must be said that the Roomba 697, like most of the models in this robot series, is not a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, a type of robot vacuum cleaner that is also beginning to gain followers for the possibility of vacuuming and scrub at the same time. However, its technology ensures that its work, in this case aspiring, does it with a few unbeatable results. What’s more, thanks to this robot vacuum cleaner, your floors will be clean every day, as it is very easy to use and you can both order it to clean with the push of a button and schedule cleaning to clean at the time you want. How do you have a own application for smart devices called iRobot HomeWith it, it will not be difficult for you to adjust the functions of the robot as you need it. Among other features, it is able to automatically return to its charging base when it has finished cleaning and its powerful cleaning system can capture dirt no matter what type it is. That is, whether they are large or small particles such as dust, or hair of different sizes, it will not leave any dirt on the surfaces. Bring to help with work dirt sensors patented, so it detects accumulations of dirt and removes them efficiently and quickly.

If we look at the features and possibilities offered by this smart device, we see that it has such interesting utilities as its easy movement thanks to its iAdapt navigation system that uses several sensors that allow it to move around the home without problems, even through areas difficult. Can thus detect dirt that other robots would miss, since it also has acoustic sensors that find high amounts of dirt in order to clean them in depth. In addition, it can clean under furniture due to its low profile, so can crawl under most furniture and work with skirting boards too. Likewise, it also brings anti-fall sensors so that it does not fall on slopes such as double height living rooms or down the stairs and thus there is no danger when cleaning in complicated areas.

Complying with the characteristics of these robots, the Roomba 697 does not pose complications when using it, since it allows you to connect to it to adjust your preferences from anywhere with its application. The application itself, to facilitate its use and for users to become familiar with it, brings support such as tips, tricks and assistance. What’s more, It has different functions that will be very useful to you to know how your robot works, for example, it will allow you to see the status of cleaning work, schedule a time to clean, for example, when you are not there and so when you get home you will find it clean and without making any effort for your part. It is capable of cleaning all types of surfaces thanks to the fact that it adjusts its power depending on where it passes, so it isIt will always give good results no matter if you are cleaning on carpet, wood, ceramic or laminate. When he’s done working, he returns to his charging dock himself to charge the battery so he’s ready for the next day’s cleaning.

Finally, it can be defined as a robot that not only cleans, but is also very clean, since it uses the three-stage cleaning. This means that their way of working is descaling, lifting dirt and vacuuming it. It achieves this thanks to the fact that the side brush is rotating and is designed to descale and lift dirt from both hard floors and carpets and rugs. Afterwards, all that dirt is pushed up to its suction nozzle with which it will vacuum it to leave your perfect home.

Roomba 697

IRobot Roomba 697 Features

iRobot Roomba 697
Tank capacity: 0.6 l
Deposit type No bag
Shape Around
Programmable: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Compatible with the application: Yes
Smart remote support Yes
Dirt sensor: Yes
Charging base: Yes
Character specials: Wi-Fi connection – ideal for floors and carpets – Dirt Detect technology – Three-stage cleaning system – Smart home and app controls – Personalized suggestions – Voice assistant support
Operating mode: Drums
Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
Autonomy: 90 min
Diameter: 33 cm
Height: 9.4 cm
Weight: 3.54 kg
Contents: Roomba 697, Charging Station, Battery, Instruction Manual
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm): 14cm / 42cm / 47.5cm
Packaging width: 12 cm
Girth: 149 cm
Packed Weight: 5.97 kg

Opinions of this robot vacuum cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly characterized by good cleaning results that it offers, since its very effective three-phase cleaning system and its power is added to it. Not hybrid, so that it may be more expensive than others that do have this benefit. However, the results it offers are worth it if you are looking for a robot that vacuums your home well and frees you from dust.

Roomba 697

Availability and price of the Roomba 697

Another robot of the brand that you can see is the Roomba 671.

  • Very good cleaning results.
  • Powerful.

  • It is not a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Expensive compared to other robots that offer more features.