Roomba 974, a robot that cleans effectively


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The iRobot Roomba 974 or Roomba 974 is a robot vacuum cleaner that guarantees efficient cleaning with great results every day. Thanks to the two brushes it brings with it, this iRobot robot is also perfect for households with pets, as it removes both dirt and hair and, best of all, avoiding tangles.

We talk about the Roomba 974

The Roomba are very popular robot vacuum cleaners and the iRobot Roomba 974 or Roomba 974 was not going to be less. This robot vacuum cleaner will ensure that your house can boast of having clean floors every day and in all rooms, thanks to the fact that you can schedule cleaning comfortably no matter where you are using its application for smart devices iRobot Home.

Another advantage of this model is that it knows where it has cleaned and how much work it has left, so it is able to recharge as many times as it needs to complete the daily cleaning. With up to five times the suction power of the 600 series roomba, it is so powerful that it will easily suck up dust, dirt, hair and other larger debris , regardless of surface type.

It works both on hard surfaces and on carpets and, thanks to its patented sensors , it can detect areas with greater accumulation of dirt to clean them in depth. In this way, there will be no corner of the house that is dirty.

IRobot is a brand that has more than 25 years of experience in robotics, therefore, it is not surprising that its robot vacuum cleaners are an example of power and efficiency in equal measure. This model, for example, performs cleaning in three phases, so there will be no dirt that can be saved when you go through it.

It is also a smart vacuum cleaner, as we will see below, since it has different technologies to move effectively throughout your home, in addition to being combined with a coordinated work with the Braava Jet M6 scrubber , so that the result, in the end , be flawless.

Roomba 974

A very practical robot vacuum cleaner

The Roomba 974, as we have already advanced, is a very effective cleaning robot vacuum, thanks to its 3-phase cleaning. This cleaning consists of the use of its two brushes, which are multi-surface, together with its suction power up to five times greater than the 600 series models.

Cleaning in three phases consists of descaling the dirt, sweeping it to the nozzle and vacuuming it. No matter what surface it moves on, it is just as effective on both hard and soft surfaces.

In addition, this model enjoys the technology of visual navigation and cleaning of whole plants, called vSLAM. With this technology, it will capture more than 230,000 points per second from the data it receives. In this way, create an accurate map of your house or the plant in question, to clean effectively.

This robot vacuum cleaner works with two gola brushes to adjust to the different needs of the surfaces it passes through. In addition, one of them is the one for the edges and corners, with a special design of 27 degrees so that you can sweep them without problem and, in this way, the dirt goes to the nozzle and can be vacuumed.

Besides, as we mentioned briefly before, this robot vacuum cleaner can be linked with the Braava Jet M6 floor scrubber so that your home is completely clean, since this floor scrubber will work automatically once the first one has finished vacuuming.

Roomba 974

Cleans with great efficiency

As for the cleaning results that the Roomba 974 offers us, as we have already advanced, it is highly effective. Summarized 50% higher than models from other series , its three-phase cleaning does not leave traces of dirt or residue. In fact, its second-generation engine has improved performance, while reducing its maintenance needs.

Enjoy, in addition to double reverse rotation extractors that come with resistant rubber sheets. These easily collect dirt and remove it from any type of surface, so hair tangles are reduced and you will have to be less aware of the brush.

As we have already indicated, its power is up to 5 times higher than other previous models , it can sweep walls and corners without any problem and it is very effective. Therefore, this robot will always keep our home clean, without complications and with the results we expect.

What’s more, to conclude, we can say that it captures up to 99% of pollen, allergens and other particles with its high-efficiency AeroForce filter. Even particles as small as 10 microns will have nothing to do with this outstanding filter.

IRobot Roomba 974 Features



Type of device Vacuum cleaner robot
System VSLAM navigation technology
Maximum power 35 W
Noise emission 68 dB
Filter type High efficiency
Tank capacity 0.6 l
Animal Brush Yes
Charge indicator Yes
Programmable Yes
Virtual walls No
Wifi Yes
App compatible Yes
Hourly / weekly schedule Yes
Wet / dry suction No
Mop function Yes
Tank capacity 0.6 l
Spatial recognition Yes
Surface sensor Yes
Dirt sensor Yes
Charging base Yes
Safety features Anti fall
Operating mode Battery
Battery Type Rechargeable battery (in 3 hours)
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Autonomy 75 min
Manufacturer charging time 3h
Width 12.8 cm
Height 39 cm
Depth 37.6 cm
Color (by manufacturer) Gold
Color (standardized) Gold
Weight (according to manufacturer) 3.8 kg
Weight 3.8 kg
Content Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Home Base Charging Station



Opinions from the Roomba 974

The effectiveness of this robot vacuum cleaner is undeniable. In addition, apart from cleaning well and offering great results, it can also be programmed to work automatically when we need it, apart from that it returns to the charging base to recharge if it needs to continue cleaning, until it is finished.

However, it is expensive and, although it is compatible with the brand’s floor scrubber, unlike other hybrid robot vacuum cleaners that perform both tasks at the same time, it forces us to acquire another robot if we want to scrub our house, so it is a big drawback.

Roomba 974



  • Very good cleaning results.
  • Automatic programming.
  • Smart scrolling through mapping.




  • It is not a hybrid.
  • Really expensive.