Roomba 976, an intelligent and efficient robot vacuum cleaner


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The Roomba 976 , Roomba R976040 or iRobot Roomba 976 is an advanced robot vacuum cleaner with which you will no longer have to worry about cleaning your home. Thanks to the innovative technologies and features of this iRobot vacuum cleaner , you will enjoy a clean environment, without complications or any effort.

How is the Roomba 976

The Roomba 976, Roomba R976040 or iRobot Roomba 976 is the robot vacuum cleaner that is capable of cleaning your house or an entire floor efficiently thanks to its intelligent iAdapt 2.0 navigation system. This visual location system helps you move around your home efficiently while you can control where you are at all times.

Among other advantages, this model can be recharged when it begins to run out of battery to recharge and continue work where it left off. Although, with an autonomy of almost 75 minutes , it is capable of cleaning, in most cases, an entire floor or house without battery problems.

Also, its movement is intelligent, since it uses a high-efficiency cleaning pattern that combines with a complete set of sensors. In this way, it can gradually adapt to obstacles or inconveniences that it encounters, such as furniture or unevenness.

In addition, it also effectively detects all types of dirt, since it also has optical and acoustic sensors that locate areas where dirt has accumulated more. Whether it’s residue, dust, or pet hair, the robot will clean them thoroughly. It does not matter that they are under sofas or other furniture. Its low profile allows it to easily move under most.

As we say, you will not have to worry if you have stairs at home, since it avoids slopes and steps , so it will not suffer damage when rushing through any of these and you will not have to be watching it every time it approaches them.

Roomba 976

Simple control, suitable for anyone

Another of the peculiarities of the Roomba 976 is that it is a very easy to use and control robot. This, in part, is given by its iRobot HOME application , with which you can schedule the cleaning to be done when it suits you best. You don’t necessarily have to be home to make these adjustments. You just have to enter the app and choose the cleaning preferences.

Likewise, with the application you can also check how the work is going, since it comes with Clean Map reports that will inform you of where the robot has passed, as well as they will give you data such as the duration of the work that has been completed and the coverage. In fact, you can activate push notifications so that they reach your mobile every time the robot finishes cleaning.

And that’s not all, this application is very complete, since it offers you assistance, tips and advice so that you can make the most of the features of your robot. In fact, when cleaning, you will only have to use it to choose personalized preferences and see how everything is going.

When it comes to collecting dirt, hairs are usually the most difficult to remove , but this is not a problem for this robot. It comes with brushless extractors so there are no clogs or tangles, making it an even more efficient vacuum.

As you can see, you can adjust the robot to clean seven days a week without problem, in addition to enjoying all the comforts it offers you. For example, it will also notify you when it has a full tank so you can empty it and it does not show problems cleaning on all types of surfaces, from hard like ceramic or wood, to carpets and carpets.

Roomba 976

Cleaning up to par

Nor can we forget to mention that the Roomba 976 is a robot that not only cleans, but is also very clean. Its cleaning of up to 50% more power than other models makes its three-phase cleaning efficient and effective. It will not leave any type of dirt in its wake.

It has dual reverse rotation pullers that include rubber blades. These easily collect dust and other types of debris that they find, while reducing hair entanglements and making the floor completely clean.

Thus, thanks to this great power and its design, without forgetting, of course, the rotating side brush that drags and pushes the dirt to the nozzle so that these difficult areas are also clean, this robot is capable of catching 99% of the allergens and other particles, making use of its innovative technologies and its high-efficiency filter.

Roomba 976

IRobot Roomba 976 or Roomba R976040 Features



Type of device Vacuum cleaner robot
System VSLAM navigation technology
Maximum power 35 W
Noise emission 68 dB
Filter type High efficiency
Tank capacity 0.6 l
Animal Brush Yes
Charge indicator Yes
Programmable Yes
Virtual walls No
Wifi Yes
App compatible Yes
Hourly / weekly schedule Yes
Wet / dry suction No
Mop function Yes
Tank capacity 0.6 l
Spatial recognition Yes
Surface sensor Yes
Dirt sensor Yes
Charging base Yes
Safety features Anti fall
Operating mode Battery
Battery Type Rechargeable battery (in 3 hours)
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Autonomy 75 min
Manufacturer charging time 3h
Width 12.8 cm
Height 39 cm
Depth 37.6 cm
Color (by manufacturer) Brown
Color (standardized) Brown
Weight (according to manufacturer) 3.8 kg
Weight 3.8 kg
Content Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Home Base Charging Station


Opinions from the Roomba 976

As with other models of the brand, there is no doubt about the high quality of this robot vacuum cleaner, both in manufacturing materials, as well as in design and technologies. Programmable 7 days a week , it offers outstanding cleaning results and leaves floors very clean. Plus, it scrolls smartly, so cleaning is much more efficient.

However, it is quite expensive and forces you to purchase another scrubbing robot if you want to enjoy this function as well. Therefore, in this we see its biggest drawback, taking into account that in the market we find robots that can do both at the same time for the same or lower price.

Roomba 976





  • Outstanding results.
  • Programmable.
  • Intelligent mapping scrolling.




  • Expensive.
  • The robot mop must be purchased separately if this function is desired.