Roomba i6, the always powerful and efficient robot vacuum cleaner

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Robot vacuum cleaners iRobot They are always trusted for their performance, so today we are going to tell you about the model Roomba i6 or iRobot Roomba i6. This robot vacuum cleaner will help you keep your home completely free of dirt and dust thanks to its technology that adapts to the cleaning needs of each moment. So, if you want to know him, join us in this new Gizhogar article.

This is the Roomba i6

The first thing we have to say about this robot vacuum cleaner is that it comes with some dimensions 34 x 34.2 x 9.3 cm and a 400 ml reservoir that allows you to clean a floor without problem. It also has different technologies such as, for example, its dual rubber brushes for a deeper and more effective cleaning.

A trusted brand

The Roomba i6 or iRobot Roomba i6 belongs to iRobot, a trusted brand that has always stood out in the field of robot vacuum cleaners for its best-known robot: the Roomba.

This type of robot is very popular, even today when we have more brands that offer us robot vacuum cleaners with different features. This is due to the great cleaning results that their robots have always offered us, since one of them will always be synonymous with guarantee.

Thanks to this brand’s robot vacuum cleaners, many homes benefit from the advantages of having a clean home free of dust and allergens, as it has more than 30 years of experience in robotics. In this way, your star robot vacuum cleaner it is always improved and updated to offer you the results you are looking for and you expect from a quality appliance like it.

Powerful cleaning tool

The Roomba i6 is an excellent robot vacuum cleaner, especially if we have pets at home, since its power, together with its brushes, makes the floor free of all kinds of dirt, from fine particles like sand or dust, to the hair of our furry companions.

Thanks to it comes with two dual rubber brushes They are used to clean different surfaces and that it has 10X technology that maximizes the power of the suction to drag dirt, larger debris and hair, making all types of surfaces clean, including edges and baseboards.

In addition, these brushes are designed with rubber treads that are always in contact with the surface. In this way, both hard surfaces such as carpets and carpets will benefit from these materials to achieve a deep cleaning, no matter the size of the residue that is found.

Also, this robot vacuum cleaner can collect more pet hair than others, since it has a three-phase cleaning that consists of lifting the dirt, sucking it and filtering it so that the pet hair stays there, as well as the allergens And the dust that we can’t see This high efficiency of your filter achieves that up to 99% from mold, pollen, dust mites and hair get trapped. Therefore, it is considered a good robot for homes with pets.

Besides, another feature that you will love is that it can make suggestions that will come in handy for you. get more effective cleaning. For example, it will help you learn your cleaning habits, as well as recommend additional cleanings during periods of allergies or shedding of pets.

Roomba i6

Smart scrolling

The Roomba i6, as you can see, is a fairly intelligent robot and is capable of cleaning where you want, when you want and how you want. Thanks to your smart mapping, you will be able to indicate to him at any moment what you want him to do, you will even be able to establish exclusion zones so that the robot does not go through them.

You can do all this thanks to its application, in which you will see different options to adjust your robot vacuum cleaner. Also, since its map is interactive, it will be very easy for you to establish the areas in which you want to deepen the cleaning, as well as determine other areas so that it does not clean.

For example, if you have dropped something, such as a flowerpot, you can tell this robot vacuum cleaner to clean that area in depth and, even within the room itself, you can also tell it the specific areas, such as under the sofa or table. , to clean, and all this with the advantage that you can use your voice to do so.

It comes with the technology of vSLAM navigation, which is state-of-the-art and allows you to map your home so you can scrolling smartly and in neat rows which, at the same time, will be very efficient. In fact, if the battery begins to run out, the robot itself will return to its charging base to charge the energy necessary to continue cleaning. Afterwards, you will return to base for a next job.

As you can see, the Roomba i6 does its job and does it very well. its WiFi connectivity allows us to control it through its application without problems, it is able to clean corners and edges with its special brush and its Dirt Detect technology helps you determine which areas are more or less dirty to adjust the power.

And don’t forget, although this robot is designed for dry cleaning, you can always combine it with the Jet M6 robot and together they will take care of ridding your home of dirt and its consequences.

Roomba i6

IRobot Roomba i6 Features

iRobot Roomba i6
Control: by WiFi
Filter type: High efficiency
Battery Type: Lithium ion
Trash volume: 0.4 liters
Robot dimensions (cm): 34 x 34.2 x 9.3
Robot Weight (kg): 3.38
Box contents: Roomba Robot Vacuum i6
Home Base charging station
Line cord

Opinions from the Roomba i6

This robot vacuum cleaner is a bit pricey for what it offers. Yes it is true that the cleaning results it offers are unquestionableas it is powerful and sucks very well. In addition, in the case of this model, it comes with home mapping, which allows can move intelligently. However, its negative points are found in that, for the same price, we can find hybrid robot vacuum cleaners on the market that can scrub and sweep at the same time for the same price.

Roomba i6

Availability and price of the Roomba i6

Remember that you can see other models of robot vacuum cleaners of this brand, such as the Roomba 692.

  • Great cleaning results.
  • System that is kept updated.

  • It does not scrub.
  • High price compared to hybrid robot vacuum cleaners.

Total score