Roomba i7, smarter, more effective and efficient.

roomba i7 cabecera.jpg
roomba i7 cabecera.jpg

The cleaning revolution is here. The Roomba i7 Roomba boasts “intelligence” and offers you all the power and efficiency that your home deserves. Do not miss everything that this robot offers you along with its improved version.

What to expect from the Roomba i7?

The Roomba i7 + is a robot vacuum cleaner that is characterized by bringing a Clean Base ™ automatic dump station, so its use is even more convenient, since it is automatically emptied into a closed bag that offers a capacity for up to 30 tanks. In this way, you will not have to worry about vacuuming for weeks and, in addition, your cleaning system in premium three phases and that uses two multi-surface rubber brushes together with a suction power ten times higher than other models, it cleans the different surfaces that we have in the home.

The Roomba i7, the previous version whose only difference is in the automatic emptying system, is also a very complete robot vacuum cleaner, since learn, map and adapt to the home thanks to your Imprint ™ Smart Mapping technology, which allows you to control which rooms and rooms you clean and when you do it, in a way that will allow you to have absolute control of the cleanliness of your home. In fact, this will do it no matter where you are, since thanks to your iRobot Home App you will be able to know exactly when, where and how it is cleaning, so you will enjoy a totally personalized cleaning.

But that is not all. Did you know that thanks to its Imprint ™ Smart Mapping technology knows how to identify room types where you are? The Roomba i7 + is able to memorize, map and adapt to your home in order to make the best decision about the best way to clean depending on what type of room it is in. In this way, can even remember several planes so whether you clean the upper or lower floors, you always know which map to use at all times. And do not forget, the robot itself will empty its tank automatically and recharge in the same way to continue cleaning until all the work is completed.

And if we add to this that the iRobot Roomba i7 responds to the orders we give by voiceWe will soon see that we are facing one of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners on the market. With the iRobot Home App, which in fact It is compatible with devices that have the virtual assistants of the moment Like Alexa, Google Assistant or all Amazon trademarks like Echo or Google Home, this robot vacuum cleaner will work when you ask.

Roomba i7

Its operation is simple, but very effective. The iRobot Roomba i7 lifts up, first; sucks and finally traps dirt with 10 times the suction power compared to previous models. For this reason, both diverse dirt and dust will not be able to escape from our new cleaning ally. It works with a three-phase cleaning system that consists of using its brush specially designed to sweep edges, Together with the 2 multi-surface rubber brushes to tear off the dirt. Afterwards, it vacuums it with a high power, so it is able to retain from small particles to larger debris, either from hard or soft surfaces, such as carpets.

If you look at the two rubber brushes that work as a team, they work so well because, precisely, they are made of rubber and not fibers, so they adapt to different surfaces and maintain constant contact with both floors and carpets to get a thorough cleaning. As you might suppose, the Roomba i7 brushes are also very effective at cleaning floor hairs without getting tangled in them, so this robot vacuum cleaner is also ideal for homes with pets.

Roomba i7

For the above, you will soon see that you can take the cleaning of your home to the end. The brush designed to be in charge of sweeping the edges incorporates, for example, a 27 degree angle to remove debris and dust from the edges and the corners to take them to the tour so they can be vacuumed. The Roomba i7 aspirates what it sees and captures what it does not, and this means that due to its high efficiency filter it is capable of retain up to 99% of substances harmful to health such as mold, pollen, mites and various allergens from our dogs and cats.

Finally, remember that pyou will forget to clean for weeks, thanks to its automatic emptying and its recharging with the same characteristics. The tedious task of cleaning will be a thing of the past, since the disposable bag that comes with it, in addition to having a capacity of 30 tanks, traps all the debris and dirt so that they do not spread into the air. Take advantage of your patented iAdapt 3.0 navigation system with vSLAM® technology and enjoy the smooth and efficient navigation of the Roomba i7 around your home. And don’t worry about a thing, the robot vacuum cleaner will create visual points to keep track of where it has gone and where it still has to clean.

Roomba i7 + features

Roomba i7
Product dimensions 13.3 x 13.3 x 3.6 inches
Tank capacity 0.4 liters
Accessories Clean Base charging station
2 dirt removal bags
1 Virtual Wall Dual wall
Additional filter
Special edge brush
Feeding Rechargeable
kind of product Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Important features Wifi, Programmable, Cleaning in 3 stages
Autonomy unit 75 min
Recharge time 3 hours
Filter type High efficiency filter

Opinions from the iRobot Roomba i7

Both the Roomba i7 and the Roomba i7 + are two robots that are characterized by offering intelligent and effective cleaning. Its strong point is its application for mobile devices, from which you can control all aspects of cleaning such as mapping and programming settings.

As negative points, they are a bit noisy and their price is quite highAlthough the latter is something that is already presupposed in this brand, but they are undoubtedly very efficient and smarter robots than previous models.

Roomba i7

Availability and price of the Roomba i7

Get the Roomba i7 and its improved version in Amazon, El Corte Inglés and Ebay.

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  • Efficient.
  • Smart navigation system.
  • Intuitive application.

  • Something noisy.
  • High price.

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