Rotating spice rack from Lidl – basic but functional

terry johns

rotating spice rack from lidl basic but functional

The way we organize spices in the kitchen can make the difference between a comfortable space in which to cook and another in which the task is complicated. We know that many times we do not have the furniture or the necessary space to place the spice jars well, therefore, the  rotating spice rack from Lidl wants to offer a quite interesting solution, both for small homes and for those who enjoy more space.

Features of the Lidl Rotating Spice Rack

Compact and decorative, this rotating spice rack from Lidl allows us to make a 360º turn  to have quick access to these jars and, at the same time, they always remain in order. Its biggest drawback is that it does not allow you to use the typical supermarket jars, so for example, pepper mills are not a good option to store here. That is, it is only suitable for spices or herbs already ground. In return, it will allow us to have hegemony in design thanks to the 9 glass jars , all the same, which have removable perforated lids and outer lids .

revolving spice rack from Lidl

The size of the complete set is about  17cm in diameter by  19.6cm in height and the capacity is  85ml  per bottle. The weight is 350 grams in total (without content). Of course,  they can be washed in the dishwasher , so when you go to change spices cleaning will not be a problem.

Availability and price

You have it available in the  Lidl online store for a price of  11.99 euros . As you can see, it is a good detail to give as a gift or to indulge yourself of having the kitchen always well organized.

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