Rotating waffle maker by Lidl, the solution for your snacks

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gofrera giratoria de lidl.jpg

Preparing a good snack or a good breakfast at home is a great pleasure, don’t tell us no. Pancakes, waffles … Do you fancy them? Well, today we show you a new product with which you can prepare waffles at home in a very simple way. It’s about the rotary waffle maker by Lidl, an economical product with very top results. Let’s get to know him better.

Features of the Lidl rotary waffle maker

This small appliance has dimensions of 36.0 x 24.0 x 18.0 cm and a weight of 2.15 kg. It is available in color black. Its operation is very simple, you just have to open it, add the dough that you have previously prepared and close the waffle maker to heat it directly.

Have indicator lights in red and green and a power of 1000 watts. The length of the cable is 80cm and it has a power against overheating and a drip tray. In addition, in order not to burn you, it has a heat resistant handle.

Of course you have non-stick coating so that the dough does not stick and not only so that your recipes come out perfect, but also so that you can clean it in a simpler way.

Finally, we highlight its 180º rotating function for an optimal distribution of the dough while it is cooking.

Availability and price

If your mouth has already made you water, the more you will like its price. You have this waffle maker in the Lidl online store for a price of 29.99 euros. Shipping costs, except promotions, are 3.99 euros, regardless of the volume of the order. If you want to save this, you can wait for them to bring it to stores, but remember that these are specific promotions and that it is not known when it will be physically available (if it ever will be).

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