Rowenta DG8962F0, 7.3 bar ironing center.

Rowenta Dg8962f0 Cabecera.jpg
Rowenta Dg8962f0 Cabecera.jpg

Ironing centers are a good method to carry out the task of ironing, since, unlike irons, with them you will hardly suffer interruptions while doing a job that, in itself, the vast majority find it tedious. There are several brands that offer these types of products, although today we will focus our attention on Rowenta. Rowenta, has a wide variety of ironing centers that combine aesthetics with efficiency. Without going any further, they show it again with their Rowenta DG8962F0, an ironing center designed in black and purple, which has good pressure and the possibility of ironing vertically.

Rowenta DG8962F0

The Rowenta DG8962F0 is an ironing center designed in black and purple and whose dimensions correspond to 35 x 45 x 28 cm and a weight of 6.4 kg.

Its main characteristics can be summarized in that it has a cable storage, to keep it when we have finished ironing, and a cape non-stick to avoid grabs and burns. The water tank capacity is 1.4 liters, enough to guarantee a complete job. It also has a vertical steam, ideal for those garments that must be ironed in this way, such as shirts and jackets.

While we are ironing, we will not have to worry about having to constantly look at the water tank, since it brings a Water level indicatorapart from the typical integrated on / off switch. Also, thanks to its different visual indicators, that is, by light, we can know, for example, when the steam is ready. Its energy saving mode will help us save on electricity consumption and, regarding its physical performance, we can observe that:

His water tank is removable, it has an anti-scale system, another automatic anti-scale and functions of steam boost: 120 g / min, continuous steam: 460 g / min and variable steam.

That being said, and dwelling on this ironing center a bit more. The innovative Silence Technology of the Rowenta Silence Steam DG8962 allows you to work with it while doing other tasks or other activities, such as watching TV, listening to music, etc., helping to make the ironing process more bearable and less tiring. Also, the fact that it is a silent product It favors the latter, since the noise produced when extracting water to create steam has been reduced in order to create a pleasant climate and atmosphere during ironing.

It is a high-pressure ironing center that offers very good steam performance, as it has 7.3 bar high pressure that help save time and make ironing even more efficient, as un 460 g / min steam boost targeting the toughest wrinkles and thicker tissues, along with a profiled precision tip With the aim of accessing the most difficult areas, they ensure that we always have good results.

This, together with his anti-scratch stainless steel sole, patented with Microsteam400, a unique technology that favors the most efficient distribution of steam by the iron and, therefore, an optimal sliding in all directions thanks to its non-stick layer will avoid inconveniences and interruptions while we iron as it may be that the base of the ironing center is burned, it gets caught in the clothes with the consequent burn, etc.

Lastly, bring a lime collector which ensures longer-lasting performance, along with the large-capacity removable water tank and the integrated closure system to transport it comfortably and very easily with one hand to wherever you want.

Rowenta Silence Steam DG8962 Features

Rowenta DG8962F0
Power 2400 W
Steam outlet 120 g / min
Steam blast 460 g / min
High pressure boiler Yes
Vapor pressure 7.3 bar
Vertical steam Yes
Warm-up time 2 min
Sole technology Microsteam 400 laser
Sliding capacity of the sole ***
Outsole durability / scratch resistance *****
Precision tip Yes
Shot of concentrated steam at the tip of the sole Yes
Continuous steam diffusion Tip, side and center
Comfortable handle
Silent Technology Yes
Stable support base Yes
Water tank capacity 1.4 L
Water tank Removable
Empty tank indicator Yes
Unlimited autonomy Yes
Anti-drip Not
Eco mode Yes
Power cord length 1.98 m
Cable storage Power cord and steam cord
Lock system Yes
Anti-limescale function Rinse system Yes
Lime collector Yes
Lime cleanliness indicator Yes

Opinions from the Rowenta DG8962F0

The Rowenta DG8962F0 is an ironing center that features a pretty good value for money. Among the various benefits it offers, one that the manufacturer has a lot to do with is that it is a silent model with which we can attend other activities while we use it. This, in reality, is not completely fulfilled, since, although they have reduced the noise when extracting water to generate steam, but with the indicators and buttons, at the same time when it releases the steam, if it produces noise, although, as in everything, you end up getting used to it.

It has a non-slip and non-stick sole, with what does not happen as in other models of other ironing center brands that the bases themselves can burn. Although plastic is included among the materials with which it is made, it has a good resistance. Also, your design is beautiful and ergonomicIt is also very light and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Rowenta DG8962F0

Rowenta DG8962F0 availability and price

If you are looking for ironing centers and you have been interested in the Rowenta DG8962F0, you can buy it at Media Markt, El Corte Inglés, Amazon and Fnac.

And if you dare to see other brands that also have ironing centers, although they are not as well known as Rowenta, here we leave you the Cecotec ForceTitanium 4000 Anticalc, an ironing center with very interesting features and a very good value for money.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic.
  • Integrated anti-scale system.

  • It is not as quiet as it promises.