Rowenta Pro Style Care, effortless vertical steam iron.

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Tired of spending endless time ironing clothes when you play? Are you one of those who lengthen the ironing sessions because you hate ironing? Try the steam brush Rowenta Pro Style Care from Rowenta and discover a new way of ironing, horizontally and in less time than with a conventional iron.

What can we do with the Rowenta Pro Style Care?

The Rowenta Pro Style Care is a steam brush that, thanks to its professional steaming, offers you great care of the clothes and garments that you like the most. With it you will always get a perfect finish due to its patented system of vertical support called Steam & Press. This vertical support will allow you a double action use with one hand, which makes it very comfortable to use and will ensure that your garments are always perfect in less than you imagine.

It has 1800 W of power and one 35 g / min continuous steam output that achieve that the performance of this product is very good and offers such remarkable results. You can choose 4 steam settings that you can access from the handle of the Rowenta IS8460D1 so that there is no complication in its use. All this with your XL Delta Steam head that not only performs optimal vapor diffusion, but also achieves high precision performance.

Among its most outstanding features we see that the Rowenta IS8460D1 can be used safely on any fabric, while offering a series of practical functions that make this steam brush very practical and, most importantly, you can use it daily . As, in addition, we have already said that its power is 1800 W, it can heat up very quickly, that is, in 45 seconds, and it has a sole with multiple holes that distribute the steam in a continuous and homogeneous way. All this without forgetting that your 1.3 liter tank it is removable.

Its patented Steam & Press vertical support system allows you to use a double action steaming, as we have already mentioned, with just one hand, something that will come in handy to end the steaming of your garments sooner and without hassle. In addition, as it allows you to do it faster, you will avoid unwanted risks such as, for example, that your clothes get burned or that they get damaged. Do not forget that it has a removable 1.3 liter water tank, so it is of great capacity. A large capacity tank guarantees intensive ironing sessions, so the clothes will always be the way you like them. Also, we must mention that, along with all of the above, it also has a specially designed design to reach hard-to-reach areas.

Apart from the fact that its 1800 W of power is enough to obtain enviable results, it is necessary to add its continuous steam output of 35 g / min to guarantee that the ironing is as you expect. Likewise, the Rowenta Pro Style Care has a descaling function to extend the life of the product and, in this way, in addition to allowing you to offer exceptional results, they will also be long-lasting. It is indicated for all types of garments, so it is suitable both for last minute retouching, as well as to go through a good ironing session. If you want to touch them up at the last minute, you will have no problem, since its system without condensation allows you to do it. Anyway, whatever mode you choose or use it for what you use it for, it will refresh the clothes and sanitize them, eliminating in turn up to 99.9% of germs and the bacteria that may be in it.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that includes five accessories to which you can give different utilities. The first is a brush for thick fabrics; the second for more delicate garments, and with it we avoid the risk of damage. It also includes a clamp to make the parting of the pants and, in this way, get the right folds so that it looks as it should. Another very useful accessory, especially if you have pets at home, is the lint remover to remove both pet hair and those that get stuck from people at home, as well as dust fluff and, as a final accessory, a glove for protect your hand and do not risk getting burned.

Therefore, the list of benefits of the Rowenta Pro Style Care for you to have and consult at a glance is as follows:

  • Steam & Press vertical support system
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Continuous steam output: 35 g / min
  • Ready to use in just 45 seconds
  • 5 adjustable steam levels
  • 1.3 liter removable water tank
  • Elegant design

Rowenta IS8460D1 Features

Rowenta Pro Style Care
Tank capacity 1.3 liters
Continuous steam 35 g / min
Indicator type On / off button
Indicator functions Tank empty
Steam ready
Clean limescale
Technology Press & Steam
Warm-up in 45 seconds
Descaling function
Auto power off
Steam regulation positions Keep going
Steam pressure regulation 5 positions
Kind Vertical plate
Equipment of the plate Thick fabric brush
Delicate garments accessory
Pliers to make the line
Remove lint
Protective glove
Power 1800 W

Rowenta Pro Style Care reviews

The great advantage of the Rowenta Pro Style Care over a conventional iron is the time you save with it. By heating quickly and being vertical steam, the clothes iron in much less time. Offers good results, even if You have to know how to use it and not go overboard with the emission of steam or we will achieve the opposite effect: the clothes will be wet and we will not be able to store them for a while.

Rowenta Pro Style Care

Rowenta Pro Style Care availability and price

Acquire it at Amazon, PcComponentes and El Corte Inglés.

Or if you don’t trust this system too much, you can always opt for an ironing center like the Rowenta DG8962F0.

  • Iron clothes well, easy to use.
  • Heats up fast.
  • It saves a lot of time compared to conventional ironing.

  • If not used well, it can leave clothes damp.

Total score