Salco ice machine, what is it and how does it work?


maquina de hielo salco 2.jpg

In the middle of a heat wave, any element that helps us cool down is welcome. And that’s why today we want to talk about the salco ice machine, a powerful model to always have your drinks very cool in just a few minutes. We tell you how it works and how much it costs.

Technical characteristics of the Salco ice machine

This Salco ice machine works plugged into the electrical network and has dimensions of 14″ x 9.5″ x 12.5″ and a weight of 7.7kg. Its power is 100Wwhich allows us to prepare ice cubes in just 8 – 13 minutes, depending on the size we want. It is worth noting that the machine allows us to do up to two different sizes of ice cubes. Of course, the only limitation is that in each cycle you can prepare up to 9 cubes and that the capacity in 24 hours is 12kg maximum.

Salco ice machine

To prepare it, we will only have to arrive at its water tank with 2.2 liters and on the button panel located at the bottom of its LED screen, choose the size of the ice cube. If there is a problem, such as we do not have enough water or the basket is already full, an automatic warning will sound.

Availability and price

This ice machine is available in the Lidl online store with a scandalous offer: from 299.90 euros it has now come to cost €124.99. Of course, we recommend you put a notice in the online store to notify you when it is back in stock. Lidl has promised that it will restock before the end of the summer and we are sure that it will fly again.

And if, for whatever reason, you don’t get it, here’s another proposal: the FOOING ice machine.