Samsung Bespoke 2021 refrigerators, adaptable and with multiple finishes

frigorificos samsung bespoke 2021.jpg
frigorificos samsung bespoke 2021.jpg

The firm step taken by the company with its refrigerators Samsung Bespoke 2021 In the household appliances section, he makes clear his bet in this market. The firm seeks to differentiate itself with them not only for its benefits, but also for its design.

Samsung Bespoke refrigerators 2021, global expansion

The commitment to the connected home of Samsung Electronics is reinforced with the presentation of Bespoke Home 2021. From the new platform for the company’s home appliances, we are getting to know some of its products, such as the advanced shoe rack Samsung Bespoke ShoeDresser. Now it is the turn of the models refrigerators that they will be part of the family Bespoke Kitchen.

Product features

The line of refrigerators Bespoke They have been one of the first members to make themselves known. The manufacturer can boast of models with great capacity to adapt to the needs of the user, since they will be marketed in more than twenty original colors Y seven finishes from which to choose.

Samsung Bespoke 2021 Refrigerators

This attractive line of refrigerators Bespoke it plans to reach the markets of Latin America; Europe; CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States); and the Middle East; as well as certain markets in Asia; Africa; and North America. It will be in the United States where consumers have the possibility to choose between a 4-door flexible refrigerator, a 1 door column or a 2 door bottom mount freezer.

More details

For the European market, Samsung announces the availability of 1 door, and models of bottom mount freezer in options 1.85 and 2 meters with six different finishes and colors: from a White classic up soft pastel shades and others bright colors. The intention is none other than to allow each user to adapt, mix and match the aesthetics of their kitchen with their preferred colors and finishes. Appliance finishes include matt black steel, navy blue steel, champagne pink steel Y white glass.

Samsung Bespoke 2021 Refrigerators

Even the manufacturer has counted on the artists Thibaud Hérem Y Andy Rementer, and the Danish lifestyle brand THERE ARE, to offer limited editions in the design of the panels. All new models are integrated into the ecosystem SmartThings from Samsung for the connected home.

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