Samsung Bespoke Jet, new vacuum cleaner with self-emptying base

samsung bespoke jet, new vacuum cleaner with self emptying base
samsung bespoke jet, new vacuum cleaner with self emptying base

Samsung Bespoke is the company’s most design-focused product line. And a new example of this is found in the  Samsung Bespoke Jet , a new vacuum cleaner that the manufacturer has presented and that we want you to know well, because, in addition to a pretty face, it offers some very interesting features.

Technical characteristics of Samsung Bespoke Jet

This  cordless vacuum cleaner  has a weight of  1.44 kg and offers a  multi-layer filtration system to have an efficiency of almost 100%. In addition, it is interesting to highlight its  All-in-One Clean Station accessory , a base that allows the vacuum cleaner to be loaded and the waste to be emptied automatically, which makes the cleaning process much easier.

Its suction power is  210 watts and it has a range of  up to one hour (depends on the mode we select when cleaning). Of course, it is also  multi -surface and we can clean with it from floors to carpets, chairs, tables… To further improve its possibilities, it has a  brush with wet pads to also be able to do the scrubbing effect.

All the interesting information about our cleaning process can be viewed on the  LCD digital screen . Here data is collected such as the remaining autonomy, the suction power that we have selected, if there is an error with the device, among others.

Samsung Bespoke Jet

Availability and price

If this vacuum cleaner catches your attention, you will be pleased to know that the wait is ringing. It will be available this month of  January 2022 in Europe (in the American market they will have to wait a couple more months). Of course, they have not talked about its price, but about the colors in which it will be available: Misty White, Woody Green and Midnight Blue, or what is the same, white, green or blue.