Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / ES, freezer with its own personality

samsung bespoke rz32a748539 es cabecera.jpg
samsung bespoke rz32a748539 es cabecera.jpg

The Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / EN, Samsung RZ32A748539 / ES or Samsung RZ32A748539 is a freezer with great style and design. Thanks to its SpaceMax technology, you can store more food in this Samsung device than in other freezers from other brands, as well as enjoy a unique and personalized aesthetic.

What is the Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / ES?

The Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / ES, Samsung RZ32A748539 / ES or Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 is a freezer that undoubtedly, as we will see below, stands out for its aesthetics. We are facing a vertical model with only one door that has dimensions of 59.5 cm wide, which implies that fits standard 60cm, 185.3cm and 68.8cm, so it is also a tall appliance.

The total net volume that offers us is 323 liters, so in it we can store our frozen products without problem. Even fresh, as we will see below for its innovative technologies.

Unique and practical design

The Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / ES, as we have already been anticipating, presents a unique aesthetic that gives it a great personality and that, in addition, will allow you to combine it with other similar models to achieve combinations that make your kitchen stand out.

In the case of this model, its door is color Satin Beige, which you can combine with others that have doors with colors such as Glam Navy, Glam Lavander or Satin Sky Blue. In fact, its panel is interchangeable, so you can change the color of the door whenever you want without problems.

Apart from the colors, it should be mentioned that its design is minimalist, so it looks like an elegant refrigerator that will not leave anyone who passes into your kitchen indifferent, since the touch of modernity that it brings will not go unnoticed wherever we have it. .

As for the rear, thank you that it comes with a safety cover Made entirely of metal, the coils and wiring are always protected, while it is much easier to keep it clean.

In this way, the components are stored and everything will be seen with a more orderly appearance, at the same time that the useful life of the device will be increased because dirt will not remain embedded in these parts. More capacity in the same space

If we look inside, we also have to mention the SpaceMax technology, which consists of increasing the capacity of the refrigerator without affecting its measurements. Therefore, we will obtain more volume to store food using the same space.

It is achieved thanks to the walls inside are much thinner and, in the case of this model, they will allow us to enjoy up to 323 liters to store our food and meals.

Besides, it also comes with a convertible mode that makes it a very interesting appliance. This freezer can also function as a refrigerator when you need it, so it will come in handy at different times of the year or at celebrations where you need more space for fresh food.

Efficient cooling technologies

Although not everything in this refrigerator is aesthetic. The cold technologies it comes with guarantee optimal preservation of your food without further complications. First of all, with technology All Around Cooling We will ensure that the temperature always remains stable and does so on each shelf.

The cold air, in this way, circulates through the slots that are arranged in them so that tall foods receive the same cold and there are no corners or sections with different temperatures.

In addition, it is also a No Frost freezer, which means that ice or frost will not form inside it, because it defrosts automatically and the air circulation preserves that constant temperature.

With this, not only will we not have to defrost it manually, but the refrigeration system works less and, therefore, enjoys a longer useful life.

Likewise, in terms of food preservation, the Metal Cooling technology will take care of it. This metallic coating on the back plate, shelves and flat duct makes the cold will not disperse and concentrate, so even if you open and close the door many times, the temperature will remain constant inside. Besides, it also makes the interior much easier to clean.

And all this with the super freeze function available, which will come in handy when you want to chill drinks quickly or make ice in no time. With this function, when you celebrate an important moment, you will guarantee that everything is at the temperature you like.

Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / EN

Extras that complete it very well

We have already seen the design and the different cold technologies that the Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / ES presents to us, but we cannot fail to mention some extras that will reveal a little more what we can expect from this freezer.

First, your Digital Inverter compressor adjusts the speed automatically based on the outside temperature and only produces 40 dB of noise. Also, the whole interior is illuminated by LED light, which is clearer and more efficient, as well as homogeneous and cold.

Finally, it is a very practical appliance, since its door is reversible, so you can install it wherever you want and depending on the design of your kitchen just by changing the hinges. In fact, it is so practical that it even comes with a special ice compartment that, with a simple turn of the wrist, will allow you to obtain them without taking up space from other shelves. As you can see, in short, we are facing a beautiful and functional model.

Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / EN

Features of the Samsung RZ32A748539 / ES or Samsung RZ32A748539

Samsung RZ32A748539 / ES or Samsung RZ32A748539
Type of device Upright freezer
Type of construction Independent
Cold system No frost
Total net capacity 323 l
Freezer compartments 7
No frost Yes
Quick freeze Yes
Door opening Reversible
Character specials All-Around Cooling, Metal Cooling, SpaceMax
Measurements (W x H x D) 59.5 cm x 185.3 cm x 68.8 cm
Color (by manufacturer) Beige
Width 59.5 cm
Height 185.3 cm
Depth 68.8 cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 87.5 kg
Weight 87.5 kg
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 65 cm / 189 cm / 70 cm
Packaging width 65 cm
Packing height 189 cm
Packing depth 70 cm
Annual energy consumption 329 kWh
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) F

Opinions from the Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / ES

This Samsung freezer has a good value for money. Its cold technologies make food are well preserved, Besides that can be used as a refrigerator and this makes it very versatile. Also, its design is very beautiful and the door is reversible.

However, as negative points we find that it has a low energy efficiency class So what the temperature control is inside.

Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / EN

Availability and price of the Samsung Bespoke RZ32A748539 / ES

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  • Good value for money.
  • Good conservation.
  • Very nice aesthetic.
  • Versatile, it can be exchanged for a refrigerator.

  • Low class in energy efficiency.
  • Indoor temperature display.

Total score