Samsung Life Unstoppable 2021, a movie to discover news

samsung life unstoppable 2021.jpg
samsung life unstoppable 2021.jpg

Samsung Life Unstoppable 2021 is the second edition of a virtual experience launched by the South Korean company so that we can know in a fun and very visual way its news for the home. This not only includes household appliances or cleaning robots, we can also see monitors, televisions, smartphones and much more. And it is that now more than ever our home has become the center of our life: the traditional rooms of the living room, kitchen or bedroom have now been added the office, the games room, even the gym.

What we are going to see in Samsung Life Unstoppable 2021

It’s about a animated short that runs through the Samsung house of surprises. Through a family of six curious characters, we will meet a dynamic home where the protagonists are the devices that make up the Samsung Smart Home ecosystem. Designed in a humorous way, these vignettes will help us to learn more about how the different teams of the company can be integrated to make our lives simpler, but also more complete.

Benjamin Braun, Marketing Director of Samsung Europe, said: “At Samsung, we develop innovations that go beyond what people expect. […] With Samsung’s ‘House of Surprises’, we show how our connected products bring innovations that help customers live an Unstoppable Life. ” Through the tour of this peculiar home, you can see how all the objects connected to each other can contribute a lot to the life of the user.

In addition, thanks to the use of technology, guests will be able to participate in this short in real time, thus creating a disruptive experience that the viewer can get much more out of. Will be available from October 18 at 09:00 CET on this web page.