Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF, a practical refrigerator in white

samsung rb34t600dww ef cabecera.jpg
samsung rb34t600dww ef cabecera.jpg

The Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF o Samsung RB34T600DWW is a simple white combi refrigerator with all the features you are looking for. This Samsung refrigerator offers you the essential features to ensure optimal food preservation and practical use.

We talk about the Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF

The Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF or Samsung RB34T600DWW is a refrigerator that, as you will see, it is simple in terms of its design and appearance, but that guarantees the necessary characteristics that are expected of any good refrigerator.

Not always, when buying a new appliance, we are looking for the latest innovations in design, as we focus on finding a product that meets our needs first and foremost. This happens with refrigerators like the model we will talk about today.

Some brands have in their catalog with appliances capable of guaranteeing efficient use without having to increase their price for extras in their design. In the case of the refrigerator that we will talk about today, we see that its appearance is white and simple, so it does not attract too much attention. But nevertheless, the important thing is in the interior and its cold technologies.

However, we must know how to choose the model that best suits what we are looking for and fits our budget, always bearing in mind that greater efficiency will make the model more expensive when buying it, but that it will mean, in turn, an important saving in the electricity bill in the long run.

Then, we can look at other aspects that interest us, such as the interior and exterior design, as well as the type of cold system or if it brings some innovative technology such as wireless connection or we want it to be easier to operate.

Cold systems for good conservation

The Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF, therefore, is an ideal refrigerator for those looking for a device that meets what is expected of it and, in turn, is simple, without complications in its design or operation. This model, in particular, is capable of cooling its entire interior thanks to the All-Around Cooling technology.

This technology makes each compartment cool equally and in all its corners, since the cold air comes out through the slots arranged in each shelf. In this way, the food we store will be cooled in the same way.

In addition, we are in front of a refrigerator No frost, which means that neither frost nor ice plates will form thanks to the fact that the air circulates constantly to maintain the same temperature. In this way, it defrosts automatically and you won’t have to do it manually.

In addition, we can use its two supercooling and superfreezing functions, that will help us to lower the temperature of the compartments quickly and with the aim of preparing them, to receive new foods and that these quickly acquire the temperature of the rest.

Efficiency and silence

At another point, we also have to say that the Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF is efficient, since it comes built with a motor with Digital Inverter technology, so it generates less noise and, by having to make less effort to operate, consumes less.

In fact, your engine only emits 35dB (B) And since it is built with fewer parts and there is less wear between them, it is also more durable and therefore lengthens the useful life of the device.

Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF

Designed to be useful

In short, the Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF is a good refrigerator, not only because of the technologies and the engine that we have already mentioned, but also because of its own simple design, which makes it very comfortable to use. With their 60 cm deep, the standard measure of this type of device, you can install it wherever you want.

In addition, indoors we can better organize our food because it is more flexible than other models by including a larger shelf that will allow you to place food and bulky containers.

Finally, it is very easy to maintain and clean, since the back is metal and smooth, so it will not pose any complication. In addition, this cover helps to hide the coils and cables so that the device offers a neat aesthetic and is less prone to damage by preventing dirt from accumulating around its components.

Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF

Samsung RB34T600DWW Features

Samsung RB34T600DWW
Gross Capacity (Liters) 355 L
Gross Freezer Capacity (Liters) 124 L
Gross Refrigerator Capacity (Liters) 231 L
Net Capacity (Liters) 340 L
Net Freezer Capacity (Liters) 112 L
Net Fridge Capacity (Liters) 228 L
Physical specifications
Width (mm) 595 mm
Dimension Height with hinge (mm) 1853 mm
Dimension Height without hinge (mm) 1853 mm
Net bottom without handle (mm) 658 mm
Net Depth without door (mm) 595 mm
Width (Packaged) 637 mm
High (Packaged) 1935 mm
Background (Packaged) 740 mm
Net weight 67 kg
Net weight packed (kg) 70 kg
20/40 / 40H (Container) 27/54/72/84
Cooling characteristics
No frost Yes
Type of cooling Cooling Monkey
Refrigerator Features
Number of Shelves 4 EA
Wine shelf Do not
Number of shelves on the door 3 EA
Egg-cup Yes
Interior LED Light Top LED
Shelves material Tempered glass
Number of Fruit and Vegetable Drawers 1 EA
Power Cool function Yes
Freezer Features
Number of drawers 3 EA
Power Freeze function Yes
Ice tray Yes
General characteristics
Reversible door Yes
Door open alarm Yes
Refrigerant R600a
Autonomy 18 h
Exterior design
Display type Internal
Shooter Integrated
Colour White
Energy Efficiency Class A ++
Energy consumption 233 kWh / year
Sound level 35 dBA
Climate Class SN, N, ST, T
Freezer capacity 13 kg / 24hr

Opinions from the Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF

This refrigerator features a good value for money. It chills well, in addition to being No Frost, so it preserves food well. Its interior and its appearance are very simple and it includes a special drawer for fresh food. Nevertheless, It is not as versatile as other models of the brand.

In fact, its aesthetic is quite simple, comes with the temperature display inside And although it is advertised as a silent refrigerator, we have to say that it is somewhat noisy.

Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF

Availability and price Samsung RB34T600DWW / EF

If you want to see another combi refrigerator of the brand, but in stainless steel, here we leave you the Samsung RB38T605DS9 / EF.

  • Good value for money.
  • No Frost.
  • Chill and preserve food well.

  • Simple aesthetics.
  • Indoor temperature display.
  • Something noisy.

Total score