Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF, American refrigerator with smooth doors

samsung rs66n8101s9 ef cabecera.jpg
samsung rs66n8101s9 ef cabecera.jpg

If you like American refrigerators, but are not looking for it with a dispenser, be sure to see the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF or Samsung RS66N8101S9. Samsung presents you with a refrigerator that can boast of design and space.

How is the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF?

The Samsung RS66N8101S9 is a door-to-door refrigerator that is designed in stainless steel and It measures 178 cm high x 91 cm wide x 77 cm deep. In turn, it has two different compartments that correspond to the refrigerator and the freezer, with a volume each of 411 liters and 236 liters respectively, so it is a spacious appliance in which you can easily store your food.

Some of the most important features that we can find in the Samsung RS66N8101S9 are found, first of all, in its Twin Cooling Plus system, which consists of a double refrigeration circuit in order to avoid the mixture of odors and at the same time maintain the optimum humidity level so that our food, of whatever type, is preserved perfectly. In addition, it also includes the Precise Cooling technology to minimize temperature fluctuation and favor said conservation.

Also, and as we have already mentioned, the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF is a spacious appliance, something typical of American refrigerators like him, so the organizational capacity increases thanks to the fact that you will find multiple drawers and departments where you can place your food according to your needs. In addition, this is very useful so that aromas and flavors do not mix, in addition to helping you save time when looking for what you need because you will know exactly where it is.

And if the organization of the interior space is important, the consumption of the appliance is no less important, since a good appliance, apart from fulfilling its main purpose, should also help us save. The Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF meets this requirement, since enjoys high energy efficiency represented in its class A ++. This means that it will not only help you save energy and therefore money, but it is also more environmentally friendly. In addition, we must not forget that this refrigerator, in particular, is Wi-Fi Ready, which means that you can control it from your mobile device, although, yes, you will need the accessory HD39J1230GW that is not included.

In summary, the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF offers you a greater capacity thanks to its Greater SpaceMax ™ Technology, which guarantees more storage space with the aim that you enjoy greater interior space without increasing the external dimensions, so you can place it where you have thought and have up to 100 liters more than conventional models. His system Twin Cooling Plus ™ will help you keep your food with the humidity and freshness indicated, which means that they will stay in good condition twice as long as compared to other refrigerator models that do not have this technology. These Separate Twin Cooling Plus ™ evaporators will optimize temperature and humidity both from the refrigerator and the freezer to better preserve food. In this way, they will protect their flavor avoiding the mixture of odors and, therefore, the contamination of aromas, so that you always enjoy their properties.

Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF

But that’s not all, in addition, the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF also has the technology Precise Chef Cooling which, combined with Twin Cooling Plus technology, will help you preserve freshness and flavor, as well as the texture of food for longer. As we have said, thanks to the independent evaporators in each compartment, achieves uniform cooling in all areasThis reduces temperature fluctuations and thus prevents the outside temperature from affecting cooling. In fact, with the Digital Inverter technology you will be able to monitor and control the temperature with total precision.

And, since you know its interior features, we only it remains to highlight its minimalist and elegant design, characterized by its flat doors. The Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF will give a touch of class to your kitchen with its modern and elegant appearance and its design with clean and simple lines, since its flat doors do not have protruding parts and will adapt perfectly to the decoration and the environment where you install it.

Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF

Features of the Samsung RS66N8101S9

Samsung RS66N8101S9
Net Capacity (Liters) 647 ℓ
Performance A ++
Type of cooling Twin Cooling Plus
Number of Shelves 4 EA
Gross Capacity (Liters) 682
Net Freezer Capacity (Liters) 236 ℓ
Net Fridge Capacity (Liters) 411 ℓ
Width (mm) 912 mm
Dimension Height with hinge (mm) 1780 mm
Dimension Height without hinge (mm) 1747 mm
Net Depth with Handle (mm) 772 mm
Net bottom without handle (mm) 716 mm
Net Depth without door (mm) 610 mm
Width (Packaged) 960 mm
High (Packaged) 1912 mm
Background (Packaged) 776 mm
Net weight / kg) 113 kg
Net weight packed (kg) 117 kg
20/40 / 40H (Container) 18/36/36
No frost Yes
Multi Flow Yes
Dairy Compartments Yes
Number of shelves on the door 4 EA
Interior LED Light Top LED
Shelves material Tempered glass
Number of Fruit and Vegetable Drawers 2 EA
Ice dispenser Twist I / M
Number of drawers 2 EA
Door open alarm Yes
Refrigerant R600a
Cyclopentane Insulator Yes
Autonomy 10 h
Display type Internal (Ice Blue)
Shooter Pub
Colour Refined Inox
Energy Efficiency Class A ++
Sound level 39 dBA
Climate Class SN, N, ST, T
Freezer capacity 12 kg / 24hr
Energy consumption 395 kWh / year
Holiday mode Yes

Opinions from the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF

The Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF is somewhat expensive, but its performance is very good, since it cools well and is quite spacious inside. Nevertheless, the temperature control is inside, so you have to open it to configure it, but without a doubt, by design and space, it is a refrigerator recommended for large families.

Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF

Availability and price of the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF

If you like this American refrigerator you can get it in El Corte Inglés, Amazon and Ebay.

And don’t forget to keep looking at other refrigerator models to find the one that best suits your needs. Today, here we leave you the Samsung RS66N8100S9.

  • Cools well.
  • Very spacious.
  • Good design.

  • Price somewhat high.
  • Temperature control inside.

Total score


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