Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF, design and large capacity in this refrigerator

samsung rs68a8842b1 ef cabecera.jpg
samsung rs68a8842b1 ef cabecera.jpg

If you like American refrigerators, don’t miss the Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF or Samsung RS68A8842B1, of which we will tell you everything it can offer you. This Samsung refrigerator stands out for its design and for the different features it brings to achieve exceptional food preservation.

We talk about the Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF

The Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF or Samsung RS68A8842B1 is a American refrigerator designed in black color and that comes with a net capacity of 609 liters, divided into 415 liters for the refrigerator and 207 liters for the freezer.

A smart fridge

If this refrigerator stands out in something, it is that it is an intelligent model, since it has integrated WiFi that you can use with the SmartThings app. With it, you will control everything from the temperature to its various functions.

In fact, also brings up to 5 cooling modes that you can choose according to what best suits your needs at all times. You can convert the freezer area into a refrigerator and vice versa with the function Smart Conversion.

But that’s not all, thanks to the fact that it comes with two independent compartments that enjoy the Twin Cooling Plus technology, the temperature and humidity are optimized thanks to this double refrigeration circuit to keep them at optimal levels.

Outstanding exterior and interior design

Other advantages that we can find in this refrigerator concern its design, both interior and exterior. In the latter, we see that, in addition to its elegant appearance, comes with a water and ice dispenser that is integrated into the door itself.

This means it doesn’t take up space inside, so you’ll enjoy more storage capacity in the freezer compartment, while still being able to make and store plenty of ice.

What’s more, this model of refrigerator has been manufactured with SpaceMax technology, which means that in the same dimensions from a refrigerator of the same standard style, we get a greater storage capacity. How do they do it? Well, reducing the thickness of the walls and using a special insulation that allows them to be thinner without giving up their energy efficiency.

Therefore, you will not have to worry that the refrigerator is out of tune with your kitchen, since it will fit perfectly in the space you have prepared for it and corresponds to its measurements. Its depth, in fact, is standard, so it will align with the cabinets, and thanks to its minimalist and elegant design, it will give a touch of class to the environment in which it is located.

Besides, it is not only practical at the front, but also at the back, as it comes with a thinner cooling duct than conventional ones, so the rear wall is completely flat and offers more space for food.

It is a refrigerator, yet silent, thanks to its Inverter Digital Compressor, which adjusts its speed to cooling demands depending on the ambient temperature and uses up to 50% less energy. This means that the brand offers up to 10 years of guarantee.

Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF

Powerful cold technology

Finally, something that we have to talk about in an essential way about the Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF is its cold technology. In addition to the compressor, which we have already mentioned, it comes with a special function named PRECISE COOLING.

This function keeps the refrigerator temperature stable, so the oscillation of the degrees between the shelves It is reduced regardless of the temperature outside the refrigerator. Thus, food is kept fresh, with its texture and flavor for a longer time.

In addition to this function, the interior design itself also promotes a cooler space, as the metal plate containing reduces dispersion of cold, that is to say, that the cold spreads and does not contain itself.

In this way, the original temperature is preserved and restored no matter how many times we open the door. In addition, also we can use the Power Cool and Power Freeze button, which will reduce the temperature quickly to prepare to receive new foods, for example, after a large purchase, or to make ice in less time.

Finally, we cannot forget that the Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF is a No Frost refrigerator, which means that the air circulation will be constant and, therefore, ice plates will not form inside or frost on the food. Thus, greater durability and better conservation are also promoted.

Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF

Features of the Samsung RS68A8842B1

Samsung RS68A8842B1
Type of device American refrigerator
Type of construction Independent
Total net capacity 609 l
Storage in case of failure 10 h
Control type Electronic
Number of shelves 8
Refrigerator compartments 5
Technical characteristics
Type of device American refrigerator
Type of construction Independent
Total net capacity 609 l
Storage in case of failure 10 h
Cooling compartment
Control type Electronic
Number of shelves 8
Refrigerator compartments 5
Number of bottles two
Fast cooling Yes
No frost Yes
Quick freeze Yes
Water connection Yes
Water dispenser Yes
Ice dispenser Yes
Doors two
Interior lighting Yes
Wifi Not
Character specials SpaceMax, Smart Conversion, Twin Cooling Plus
Visualization / Control
Bluetooth Not
Temperature control Yes
Temperature gauge, cooling section Yes
Temperature alarm Yes
Compatible with Dispenser with water intake
Color (by manufacturer) Black
Power consumption data
Classification of household appliances Fridge freezer
Annual energy consumption 257 kWh
Refrigerating capacity 415 l
Freezer capacity 207 l
Noise level 35 dB
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) D
Airborne acoustic noise emission class (EU 2017/1369) B

Opinions from the Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF

This refrigerator has a good value for money. Enjoy a modern design with the ice and water dispenser outside, plus it is quite spacious. In addition, it is type No Frost, so it will not be necessary at all to defrost it manually.

Therefore, if we have to mention any Negative point, we can say that not as quiet as advertised, although noise is not something that we are going to notice too much either.

Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF

Availability and price of the Samsung RS68A8842B1 / EF

If you want to see another American refrigerator of the brand, here we leave you the Samsung RS68N8671SL.

  • Good value for money.
  • Quite spacious.
  • No Frost.
  • Modern and elegant design.
  • Water and ice dispenser on the door.

  • It is not as quiet as it promises.

Total score