Samsung RS68N8671SL, is it a good idea to invest in an American fridge?

samsung rs68n8671sl cabecera.jpg
samsung rs68n8671sl cabecera.jpg

If what you are looking for is space, you cannot miss the American refrigerator Samsung RS68N8671SL with the same size and more capacity. In today’s article we show you all the advantages of this Samsung refrigerator.

Samsung RS68N8671SL Review

The Samsung RS68N8671SL is an American refrigerator that is characterized by being even more spacious. His technology is Space Max ™, which provides more capacity in the same space. Thank you to your three doors Flex, you will be able to store and organize your food in a more efficient and comfortable way. In fact, this model also has a freezer and, in the upper part, two refrigerator compartments so that you can distribute yourself much better. What’s more, in fact, thanks to its upper and lower areas, keeping everything well placed and to your liking will be very easy, in addition to making it easier for you to access your favorite foods and all this while minimizing air loss. saving up to 55% * energy.

And if we are talking about flexibility, the Samsung RS68N8671SL allows you to switch between modes. What does it mean to switch between modes? Well, you can decide the optimal temperature for different types of food using only one area. In this way you can store different types of products and drinks and you will get all of them to stay fresh and juicy for longer. This compartment called FlexZone, is controlled independently, and has 4 modes to preserve meat, cool drinks, keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, or simply store more food.

The Samsung RS68N8671SL also offers you greater freshness because it has the Twin Cooling Plus ™ system, which helps you keep your food fresh up to twice as long as other refrigerators. With this technology you will quickly see that improve humidity and temperature levels thanks to its independent evaporators. Thus you will keep your food in perfect condition, keeping all its flavor and preventing odors from mixing.

Also, if we add to this your Metal Cooling feature, it is possible to keep the inside of the refrigerator cold for a longer time. This feature is actually a special coating on the bottom of the refrigerator, whose function consists of keep the interior at the perfect temperature and fresh food even if you open or close the door frequently. All this with an elegant design that boasts flat doors and integrated handles. This appearance will give your kitchen that extra elegance and at the same time modernity characteristics of Samsung appliances by representing a clean and minimalist design. Its flat doors with integrated handles will make nothing stand out or look out of place.

Samsung RS68N8671SL

At another point, if we return to the interior, as we have noted previously, the Samsung RS68N8671SL allows you to access your food in a comfortable way and simple, and this achieves it with Easy Slide tray. This tray helps you to organize your food and products comfortably, as well as allowing you to reach them quickly and easily, apart from allowing you to have everything in sight. You just have to take out the tray and grab whatever you have at the bottom, it’s that easy. A feature, as you can see, that will help you avoid that the food expires because you have not seen it.

Finally, the Samsung RS68N8671SL is an American refrigerator that, apart from its modern design, also has a minimalist dispenser and a hidden panel to make it easier to use. In fact, both, both the minimalist dispenser and its hidden display will highlight the design of the front of the refrigerator. What’s more, this dispenser is completely integrated into the door offering the same functionalities in less space, so you can enjoy all the sales of an American refrigerator and, in addition, always have fresh water or ice within reach for when you need or feel like it. This appliance is practical, functional and, in addition, it will not clash with any kitchen, so it will become not only an indispensable tool, but also an important aesthetic element.

Features of the Samsung RS68N8671SL

Samsung RS68N8671SL
Width: 912 mm
Depth: 716 mm
Height: 1780 mm
Depth without handle: 71.6 cm
Weight: 124 kg
Package width: 960 mm
Depth of package: 776 mm
Package height: 1912 mm
Package weight: 128 kg
Energy efficiency class: A ++
Annual energy consumption: 385 kWh
Freezer Net Capacity: 210 L
Frozen position: Side
Freezing capacity: 12 kg / 24h
Storage time in case of power failure: 10 h
Freezer, number of compartments: 4
Freezer gross capacity: 237 L
Inside Freezer Light: Yes
Freezer Door Shelves: two
Quick freeze function: Yes
Refrigerator, net capacity: 394 L
Multi-air flow system (fridge): Yes
Refrigerator, number of compartments: 4
Number of compartments for vegetables: two
Refrigerator gross capacity: 418 L
Automatic defrosting (fridge): Yes
Refrigerator door shelves: 5
Bottle rack: Yes
Super Cool function: Yes
Inside fridge light: Yes
Door alarm (open): Yes
Design: Independent
Product color: Stainless steel
Design: American door
Built-in display: Yes
Lamp type: LED
Control type: Play
Cooling medium: R600a
Shelves Material: Glass
Total net capacity: 604 L
Climate class: SN-T
Noise level: 39 dB
Water dispenser: Yes
Ice cube dispenser: Yes
Ice pick: Yes
Total gross capacity: 655 L
Holiday function: Yes
Minimum operating temperature: 10 ° C
Maximum temperature: 43 ° C

Opinions from the Samsung RS68N8671SL

The Samsung RS68N8671SL has a good value for money, being his capacity the most remarkable aspect in him. Thanks to has max space technology, occupying the same space allows you to store more food, making it an ideal refrigerator for large families. In addition, it has other elements that make it easy to use as your FlexZone zone whose temperature modes you can adjust depending on the food you have inside. As the main glue, Nevertheless, We found that your dispenser does not have a grid to prevent water from spilling or splash, besides that the door shelves are not modular, so that space cannot be fully used.

Samsung RS68N8671SL

Availability and price of the Samsung RS68N8671SL

If you are looking for other refrigerators, we can also show you other models, such as the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF.

  • Good value for money.
  • Spacious.
  • Flexible zone with four modes.

  • The dispenser does not have a grid.
  • The door shelves are not modular.

Total score


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