Samsung RS68N8941B1, American fridge with Family Hub.

samsung rs68n8941b1 cabecera.jpg
samsung rs68n8941b1 cabecera.jpg

Enter fully into modernity with the Samsung RS68N8941B1, the American refrigerator that will show you what’s inside on your smartphone. With the Family Hub system of this Samsung refrigerator, you will change your refrigerator concept completely.

Samsung RS68N8941B1 Review

The Samsung RS68N8941B1 is an American refrigerator that features a energy efficiency of A ++, but which, in turn, is characterized by being one of the most modern models on the market. This is due not only to View Inside system, with which you can check the contents of the refrigerator from anywhere, but you can also do it from your smartphone thanks to the Family Hub internal cameras They show you the inside so you can quickly check what is missing while you are shopping.

But that’s not all, the Samsung RS68N8941B1 has a display that will allow you to plan meals and create shopping lists that you can sync with your smartphone, to add weekly menus that you do not forget and you will even have the possibility of receiving notifications about when any of your products are going to expire. You can also use the screen to leave handwritten notes, drawings or to-do lists or photos. All this also with the support of a calendar so that you remember all those important dates and always being able to update the data and everything you need from your smart device.

And if this seemed not enough, surely you will love to know that the Samsung RS68N8941B1 also has Smart View, with which you can play all the content on your Family Hub, such as favorite TV shows while you cook or put the music and radio with TuneIn / Spotify / Amazon Music (music and radio), because cooking with music is much better. In addition, you can also put some music to your guests and listen to your favorite playlists, songs and artists without interruptions with Spotify and Amazon Music or play radio stations.

With the Samsung RS68N8941B1 and its SmartThings ™ application, you will get a smart home, since you can control the rest of the connected appliances through the Family Hub screen via the SmartThings ™ app and also you can receive and make calls via Bluetooth while you cook. This is because your refrigerator connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you will not have to have it in the kitchen with the danger that this entails that it suffers an accident or gets stained. It is interesting to know that this function of answering calls using your voice is available on all smartphones. However, to be able to make calls using your voice, you need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung RS68N8941B1

Putting aside its smart possibilities and focusing on its features as a refrigerator, the Samsung RS68N8941B1 features Space Max ™ technology, meaning more interior space while maintaining the same exterior size, having reduced the thickness of the walls, maximizing the interior capacity (100 liters more than conventional models). In addition, it also offers the Twin Cooling Plus ™ system, which guarantees optimum freshness and humidity. In this way, your food stays moist and fresh for longer. Its double refrigeration circuit prevents odors from mixing between compartments and maintains an optimal humidity level (65% ~ 70%).

Besides, his metallic coating on the inside of the refrigerator, called Metal Cooling helps to reduce the dispersion of cold helps to preserve and restore the original temperature regardless of how many times you open and close the door. This, in combination with the Precise Chef Cooling technology helps preserve the freshness, flavor and texture of food for longer. It works thanks to the independent evaporators in each compartment and, in this way, achieves a uniform cooling in all areas. Then, due to advanced insulation, fluctuations are reduced, preventing the outside temperature from affecting cooling. All this in a refrigerator that boasts a minimalist design and elegant that will give that touch of distinction to your kitchen thanks to its clean and simple lines that adapt to your decoration.

Samsung RS68N8941B1

Samsung RS68N8941B1 Features

Samsung RS68N8941B1
Width: 912 mm
Depth: 716 mm
Height: 1780 mm
Depth without handle: 71.6 cm
Weight: 127 kg
Installation compartment height: 174.7 cm
Package width: 960 mm
Depth of package: 776 mm
Package height: 1912 mm
Package weight: 131 kg
Energy efficiency class: A ++
Annual energy consumption: 382 kWh
Freezer Net Capacity: 210 L
Frozen position: Side
Freezing capacity: 12 kg / 24h
Storage time in case of power failure: 10 h
Freezer, number of compartments: 4
Freezer gross capacity: 237 L
Freezer Door Shelves: two
Refrigerator, net capacity: 383 L
Anti-frost (fridge): Yes
Multi-air flow system (fridge): Yes
Number of compartments for vegetables: 4
Refrigerator gross capacity: 403 L
Refrigerator door shelves: 5
Bottle rack: Yes
Design: Independent
Product color: Black
Design: American door
Built-in display: Yes
Cooling medium: R600a
Shelves Material: Glass
Cool zone compartment: Yes
Total net capacity: 593 L
Noise level: 39 dB
Water dispenser: Yes
Total gross capacity: 640 L

Opinions from the Samsung RS68N8941B1

The Samsung RS68N8941B1 is an American refrigerator with a fairly high price, since it has Family Hub technology, consisting of a tablet in the fridge itself what serves as a screen so you can from jotting down notes to watching television, listening to the radio and your music and receiving screen. Here, one of the disadvantages of this refrigerator is that to be able to make calls from it you need to have a Samsung Galaxy, so it already forces you to buy another device of the brand if you want to use all its functions. In another point, It is spacious for being an American refrigerator, although it is not as spacious as other models from other brands. Yes indeed, its design is elegant and modernor, being one of the points in which it stands out the most.

Samsung RS68N8941B1

Availability and price of the Samsung RS68N8941B1

Be sure to look at other home appliances such as the Samsung RS66N8101S9 / EF.

  • Smart refrigerator.
  • You can see what’s inside.
  • Good design.

  • Quite high price.
  • It is not as spacious as other refrigerators from other brands.

Total score


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