Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF, great refrigerator with interactive screen

samsung rs6ha8891b1 ef cabecera.jpg
samsung rs6ha8891b1 ef cabecera.jpg

If you don’t know the Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF or Samsung RS6HA8891B1, as soon as you do, you will be amazed by its technology. With this refrigerator in your kitchen, no more bored cooking or forgetting about tasks or activities. This Samsung appliance, as you will see, does much more than to preserve food.

We talk about the Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF

The Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF or Samsung RS6HA8891B1 is a american fridge that, in addition to its characteristics as a refrigerator, stands out for the technology with which it has been built.

This Samsung appliance comes with an interactive screen that will serve you much more than to preserve food. For example, from this window you will be able to see what is inside our refrigerator and even from your smartphone, as it will take a photo when you close the door.

What’s more, you can set menus or meals for the week, make a shopping list that will be synchronized with your app, set the expiration date of the food you save and activate a timer.

Communication and entertainment

Also, the Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF window will help you to add images, texts or reminders, as if it were a plank. It has a calendar that is synchronized with that of Outlook or Gmail, In addition to a gallery of images, the possibility of receiving and making calls and doing the functions of a blackboard to write or draw.

In fact also you can access music applications such as Amazon Music or Spotify, as well as the web browser. All this enjoying refrigerator-specific features such as ice and water dispenser and controlling the temperature and its different functions at all times.

Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF

Features of the Samsung RS6HA8891B1

Samsung RS6HA8891B1
Freezer, net capacity 225
Frozen position Side
Freezer, number of compartments 4
Freezer number of vegetable drawers 2
Interior freezer light Yes
Freezer Door Shelves 2
Freezing capacity 12
Storage time in case of power failure 10
Quick freeze function Yes
Freezer gross capacity 237
Ice cube dispenser Yes
Total net capacity 614 l
Total gross capacity 633
Inverter technology Yes
Noise emission class C
Ice pick Yes
Climatic class SN-T
Minimum operating temperature 10
Maximum temperature 43
Holiday function Yes
Noise level 36
Water dispenser Yes
Lamp type LED
Product color Black
Built-in display Yes
Display type LCD
Control type Play
Child lock Yes
Shelves material Tempered glass
Refrigerator, net capacity 389
Refrigerator, gross capacity 396
Egg-cup Yes
Refrigerator Door Shelves 5
Super Cool function Yes
Refrigerator, number of compartments 4
Number of compartments for vegetables 2
Inside fridge light Yes
Energy efficiency AND
Energy efficiency scale From A to G
Annual energy consumption 346
AC input voltage 220 – 240
AC input frequency fifty
Door alarm (open) Yes
Height 1780 mm
Width 912
Depth 735
Weight 117
Type of refrigerator American

Opinions from the Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF

This American refrigerator from Samsung It is expensive, but it cools very well and the interactive window is very useful. With it you can see what you keep in the refrigerator, as well as listen to music, watch TV or write down notes. However, it has some negative points that should be noted, such as that the water does not come out of the dispenser cold at all So what To use all its features you need to have a Samsung mobile.

Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF

Availability and price of the Samsung RS6HA8891B1 / EF

But if what you want is a simpler American refrigerator, here we leave you the Samsung RS67A8811S9 / EF.

  • It cools very well.
  • Interactive window that allows you to see the interior.
  • You can listen to music and watch TV.
  • You can write notes and use a calendar.
  • Spacious and aesthetic.

  • The water is not coming out of the dispenser completely cold.
  • To use all its functions you must have a Samsung mobile.

Total score