Samsung RT32K5035WW, small and versatile fridge freezer

samsung rt32k5035ww cabecera.jpg
samsung rt32k5035ww cabecera.jpg

If you are looking for a small combi refrigerator, but at the same time very versatile, do not miss what we have to tell about the Samsung RT32K5035WW. This practical white Samsung refrigerator will allow you not only to use it as a combo, but also as a full refrigerator or freezer. Find out what it has to offer you and don’t miss the following article.

This is the Samsung RT32K5035WW

Refrigerators there are many, because many are the needs of different consumers. There are those of smaller size and capacity, such as the Samsung RT32K5035WW, which we are going to talk about today, and there are larger ones, of different styles and with different features.

The reality is that the demands of buyers are diverse, since there are many situations and living conditions and, therefore, the ideal is that there are a great variety of electrical appliances so they can adapt to them.

For example, in the case of refrigerators, we have often commented that we can find them with different looks and designs, as well as with various technologies. The most important thing, however, when acquiring one, is that it fits what we are looking for, our pace of life (because this will depend on whether we are willing to defrost them from time to time) and our kitchen.

A refrigerator, of any type, must offer a good cooling system to ensure optimal food preservation, and most currently meet this requirement. Later, and depending on our budget, we can invest more in a higher energy efficiency class, which will help us save in the long term, or in a lower class that makes appliances cheaper, but consume more.

At this point, it is always the consumer who will have the last word. For example, in the case of the refrigerator that we will talk about today, We cannot say that it is a very spacious device, but it is enough as to be useful to a single-family or couple’s home.

A simple fridge freezer

The Samsung RT32K5035WW is a combi refrigerator designed in white color and featuring the refrigerator compartment at the bottom and the freezer compartment at the top. Having said that, its aesthetic is very simple and classic, with the top smaller than the bottom.

Nails on measures 60 x 171.5 x 67.2 cm, the total net capacity that It offers us 320 liters, which are divided and organized into 248 liters, for the refrigerator part, and 72 liters for the freezer part. In addition, its interior is organized in different trays and shelves on the doors, even in the freezer part.

With two shelves and two drawers for different types of food, the one for meat and fish being smaller than that for fruits and vegetables, larger and in the lower part of the appliance, the refrigerator has two more shelves than they leave a good space between them and four shelves on the door.

Looking at the freezer, we see that the compartment is divided in two by a shelf and that has a special small drawer. In the door, in turn, we will have two shelves to place what does not fit between the shelf.

Versatile preservation

The Samsung RT32K5035WW is also a refrigerator that will allow you to store your food easily and with all the guarantees. First of all, because it has the Twin Cooling Plus technology, which makes it have two independent evaporators to avoid the mixture of odors between the compartments.

In this way, you don’t have to worry about aroma contamination in food and also you will ensure that your food stays fresh for longer. In addition, this refrigerator comes with the Smart Conversion technology, which offers you four storage possibilities in the same device.

You can, in this way, for those situations in which you need more space for any of its compartments, turn the other into a refrigerator or freezer, depending on your needs. In this way, you can even enjoy a complete refrigerator, a freezer, or interchange its compartments.

Besides, freshness will always be guaranteed inside, since it comes with Twin Cooling Plus, which helps to keep 70% humidity so that fresh food is preserved longer. In this way, it helps to better preserve fruit and vegetables, if we compare it with the only 30% humidity that other models cover.

Do not forget that, by enjoying two compartments with a separate cold system, there will be no problems of temperature fluctuations coming from the other compartment, as well as odors will be avoided and contamination between different types of food will be prevented.

Good functions and smart compressor

Finally, there are a number of interesting features of the Samsung RT32K5035WW to be mentioned. First of all it is built with a Inverter Digital Compressor which makes the device adjust the compressor speed between 7 temperature levels automatically.

Thanks to this, and based on the temperature outside the refrigerator, it does not waste energy and helps you save, in addition to reducing noise and increasing the useful life of the appliance. What’s more, if we look at energy savings, by coming with led light indoors, we also help make it bigger, as it is a more efficient, clear and homogeneous type of lighting.

Regarding its functions, we conclude by mentioning that you can enjoy the always useful super freeze function, that will allow you to create ice or cool drinks or your food more quickly and is ideal for when you do large purchases or hold a celebration.

Samsung RT32K5035WW

Features of the Samsung RT32K5035WW

Samsung RT32K5035WW
Type of device Two-door refrigerator
Type of construction Independent
Cold system No frost
Total net capacity 320 l
Storage in case of failure 10 h
Volume of unfrozen compartments 248 l
Number of shelves 4
Refrigerator compartments 4
Trays Material Glass
Volume of frozen compartments 72 l
No frost Yes
Door opening Right
Interior lighting Yes
Character specials Fresh Room Fruit and Vegetable Drawer
Temperature control Yes
Monitor Door open alarm
Measurements (W x H x D) 60 cm x 171.5 cm x 67.2 cm
Color (standardized) White
Color (by manufacturer) White
Width 60 cm
Height 171.5 cm
Depth 67.2 cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 57 kg
Weight 57 kg
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 71 cm / 178 cm / 63 cm
Packaging width 71 cm
Packing height 178 cm
Packing depth 63 cm
Annual energy consumption 257 kWh
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) F

Opinions from the Samsung RT32K5035WW

This Samsung fridge freezer has a Fairly good value for money. It cools well and its biggest advantage is that You can swap out the refrigerator for the freezer or turn the refrigerator into a full refrigerator or freezer.

However, its aesthetics is very simple, it is not very spacious and its energy efficiency rating is quite low.

Samsung RT32K5035WW

Availability and price of the Samsung RT32K5035WW

If you want to see other simple refrigerators of the brand, here we leave you the Samsung RT25HAR4DWW.

  • Good value for money.
  • Cools well.
  • Smells do not mix.
  • Interchangeable refrigerator and freezer system.

  • Simple appearance.
  • Indoor temperature control.
  • It is not very spacious.
  • Low energy efficiency class.

Total score