Samsung RT46K6335SL, a modern combi fridge with possibilities

samsung rt46k6335sl cabecera.jpg
samsung rt46k6335sl cabecera.jpg

The Samsung RT46K6335SL o Samsung RT46K6335SL / ES is a modern combi refrigerator, designed in stainless steel and with the control display on the door. This Samsung refrigerator offers you the necessary features to achieve optimal preservation of your food, since you can use it as a combined appliance or turn it into a complete refrigerator depending on your needs.

We comment on the Samsung RT46K6335SL

Home appliances such as the Samsung RT46K6335SL or Samsung RT46K6335SL / ES represent a new leap to innovation and the use we are used to, for example, with respect to refrigerators. This is because, as we will see later, we will no longer have to settle for a device that fulfills a certain function, but will be able to carry out several.

As we always say, when we go to buy a new appliance, it is very likely that we will find one good variety of models of different brands that will offer us different benefits.

Choosing one or the other will depend, to a large extent, on what we need, since the more extras they bring, the more expensive they will be. In fact, one of the points that make electrical appliances more expensive is not their design, but their efficiency.

Even so, there are household appliances that are not as efficient as others, but that due to their characteristics also help us save and, many times, they are more suited to what we are looking for. In this case, it will always be the user who you should choose based on what you need to be sure you have made a good purchase.

Refrigerators are no exception, therefore, it should be noted that the dimensions of the appliance fit the gap that we have destined for it, as well as its cold characteristics, if it brings enough or little space in the freezer compartment, its cold system, and so on.

In fact, if you’re not a person who spends a lot of time away from home, chances are you don’t need wireless features, which some models have. You may not even care so much that the refrigerator don’t be no frost or that you do not care about its design. Be that as it may, we are sure that the model we are going to talk about today will catch your attention.

More cooling and more versatile

The Samsung RT46K6335SL, first of all, can boast of being a versatile refrigerator that offers different possibilities of cold and preservation for food. Nails on dimensions of 70 cm x 182.5 cm x 74.2 cm and a 345 liters gross volume in the refrigerator compartment and 113 liters in the freezer compartment, it is also spacious.

With this refrigerator, food will stay fresh for much longer thanks to its different technologies. One of them, the Twin Cooling Plus® System, allows them to have up to 70% more humidity, which comes in handy, especially for fruits and vegetables.

Also, this refrigerator offers you up to five possibilities of cold, thus becoming a very flexible appliance. For example, you can convert the freezer into a refrigerator and vice versa to save more space when you need it thanks to the Smart Conversion technology.

And that’s not all, the Twin Cooling Plus® System technology, which we just talked about, will not only make food better by giving it more moisture, but it will also make it taste much better, since they will preserve the flavor better without problems of contamination of aromas because their compartments are independent.

If we look at the inside of this freezer, we will quickly realize that it is also a household appliance that can be organized simply and easily. This is due to the Easy Slide tray, which will allow you to have all your food organized and extract it gently.

Smart and functional

Also, the Samsung RT46K6335SL is a smart and functional device. Intelligent because thanks to its Digital Inverter type It is capable of automatically adjusting its speed up to 7 levels depending on the ambient temperature. Thus, you can reduce consumption and, therefore, noise, in turn increasing durability by not having to make as much effort.

Besides, it has interesting functions that They will help you cool and freeze in less time like the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons. The first will make the food cool faster and the second will freeze faster or serve to create ice.

Samsung RT46K6335SL

In summary

If we have to summarize the characteristics of the Samsung RT46K6335SL, we can say that it is functional, because it has functions such as Power Cool and Power Freez so that its compartments acquire the right temperature in a short time.

It is also versatile with its interior equipment, as it comes with energy-saving LED light, two Big Box drawers for fresh produce, 456 liter interior capacity and odor filter. Apart from that it has a beautiful stainless steel design whose electronic display is located on the outside of the door.

Samsung RT46K6335SL

Features of the Samsung RT46K6335SL

Samsung RT46K6335SL
Technical characteristics
Type of device Two-door refrigerator
Type of construction Independent
Cold System No frost
Refrigerant R-600a
Total net capacity 453 l
Total liquid capacity (L) 453
Refrigerator liquid capacity (L) 342
Freezer Liquid Capacity (L) 111
Freezing capacity (kg / 24 h) 6
Cooling compartment
Number of shelves 5
Trays Material Glass
Fridge drawers 4
No frost Yes
Integrated bottle holder Not
Door opening Right
Interior lighting Yes
Character specials Fruit and Vegetable DrawerFresh Room
Visualization / Control
Monitor Yes
Temperature control Yes
Power supply
Energy consumption 275 kWh
General characteristics
Measurements (W x H x D) 70 cm x 182.5 cm x 74.2 cm
Color (by manufacturer) Inox

Opinions from the SAMSUNG RT46K6335SL / ES

This refrigerator can boast the most is having a sleek and modern look and design thanks to stainless steel as it has the electronic display on the door. For the rest, it is a well-lit refrigerator inside and it is also spacious.

However, we found some negative points that make We cannot say that it is a good value for money. First of all, it is a refrigerator something noisy, but the most negative point is found in its energy efficiency class, which is quite low and stays at an F.

Samsung RT46K6335SL

Availability and price of the Samsung RT46K6335SL

If you want to see another refrigerator of the brand with good performance, here we leave you the Samsung RB38T675DSA.

  • Modern and elegant design.
  • Good lighting.
  • Spacious.
  • Electronic display on the door.


  • Something noisy.
  • Low energy efficiency class (F)

Total score