Samsung WD90T534DBN, check out this stylish washer dryer

samsung wd90t534dbn, check out this stylish washer dryer
samsung wd90t534dbn, check out this stylish washer dryer

With an elegant and modern design in stainless steel, the Samsung WD90T534DBN is a very complete washer-dryer with self-dosing. With this Samsung washer-dryer, you won’t have to worry about using detergent every time you wash, since it will take care of dosing it correctly so you don’t waste it.

This is the Samsung WD90T534DBN

Washer dryers like the Samsung WD90T534DBN are very interesting appliances, because they are two machines in one, that is, they fulfill two different functions, in this case complementary.

One of the biggest advantages of washer-dryers is that we don’t have to hang out the clothes or necessarily wait for them to dry. Simply, we can adjust the options so that the drying cycle begins and, once it is finished, take out our dry clothes to only place them. This actually saves considerable time and effort.

artificial intelligence and bubble technology

The Samsung WD90T534DBN can boast of being an intelligent washer-dryer, since it has been manufactured with a Digital Inverter motor, so it works much more efficiently due to its type of construction, or what is the same, having been designed with less components.

These components are the brushes, which have been dispensed with by magnets so that less friction is generated and, therefore, the machine does not have to make so much effort to work. In turn, this translates not only into greater energy savings, but also into a considerable reduction in noise, since vibrations derived from friction are also minimized.

In addition, this washer-dryer is not only intelligent because of its motor, but also because of the new functions that it brings with it, especially the one that makes the machine learn your habits and, therefore, can suggest programs or show you information that is relevant to you.

In fact, from the SmartThings application itself you will receive all these recommendations, as well as possible solutions to problems and, of course, the possibility of being able to program and turn on the washer-dryer from your mobile without having to be next to it.

Likewise, this model also comes with EcoBubble bubble technology, which guarantees perfect results, even in cold water, because it mixes the air with the water with detergent before it enters the drum. In this way, the bubbles penetrate the fabrics faster, preparing them for better cleaning and protecting them from rubbing.

All this without the worry of having to dose the soap in each wash, since this washer-dryer comes with an auto-doser so that you only have to refill it and, in this way, it is in charge of dosing the necessary amount for a whole month.

Samsung WD90T534DBN

Cleans with steam without the need to wash

As you can see, the Samsung WD90T534DBN offers good washing results, but it will also allow you to clean, or rather refresh, the clothes without having to go through a wash. How? Simple, with Air Wash technology, which uses steam to deodorize and, in turn, sanitize clothes so they smell good. This way you will avoid subjecting it to so many chemicals and you will prolong its duration.

But the use of steam doesn’t just stop there, it also has programs that use it and that are specially designed to sanitize garments as much as possible. These are the anti-allergy programs, since they eliminate up to 99.9% of allergens with their final steam phase and which you will find as Bed Linen and Hygiene Program.

Samsung WD90T534DBN

A washer dryer that stays clean

Apart from the importance of the clothes coming out as clean as they should, it is also essential to maintain the washer-dryer itself, as this will prevent bad odors in the future and residues from remaining on the clothes. For this reason, the Samsung WD90T534DBN comes with a special program called Drum Wash+ that will help keep the door and interior of the washer-dryer clean.

It is capable of eliminating almost 100% of odour-causing bacteria and does not require expensive detergents. You just have to activate the function and the washer-dryer will wash itself with pressurized water and a quick spin that will remove the dirt around the door seal.

Likewise, its bucket is StayClean, that is, it will not have traces of the detergent used in washing through its drainage system. In this way, its maintenance will also be very easy.

Samsung WD90T534DBN

Features of the Samsung WD90T534DBN

Washing capacity (kg) 9.0kg
Drying capacity (kg) 6.0kg
Color stainless steel
Gate Black
display Artificial intelligence
Energy Efficiency Class B.
programs Eco 40-60 Air Wash, Cloudy Day, Colors, Spin, Mixed Load, Spin + Rinse, Silent, Synthetics, Wool, Standard, Quick 15′, Wash and Dry, Active Wear, Bedding, Cotton, Delicates Drum Clean , Intense cold, Outside, Pants, Towels, Synthetic drying, Steam cleaning
Energy consumption (per cycle) 7.29 kWh
Water consumption (per cycle) 110L
spin efficiency A
washing efficiency A
Sound power (wash) 54dB
Sound power (spin) 73dB
Noise Level (Drying) 59dB
AI control Yes
AddWash Nope
air wash Yes
Spin speed 1400rpm
Bubbles Prewash Yes
EcoBubble Technology Yes
Engine DIT
Auto Doser Yes
Language Selection Yes
Smart Things Yes
Aqua Hose Nope
leak sensor Nope
Child Lock Yes
Deferred End Yes
Drum Clean Yes
DrumClean+ Nope
drum type Diamond
Dry Level Nope
intensive Yes
my cycle Yes
Prewash Yes
Rinse+ Nope
Speed ​​Option Nope
Self Cleaning Bucket Yes
Vapor Yes
Quick wash Nope
Dry weather Yes
Net Dimension (W x H x D) 600 x 850 x 650mm
Net weight 68kg
Gross Dimension (W x H x D) 666 x 890 x 747mm
Gross weight 70kg
overall depth 713mm
Wi-Fi Embedded Yes
SmartThings App Support Yes

Samsung WD90T534DBN Reviews

This washer dryer is good value for money . It stands out because it has a good variety of programs that allow you to both wash and dry clothes, in addition to presenting a modern and beautiful aesthetic that many will surely like. It is easy to use, in addition to having an auto-doser, so if we have to highlight any negative point, we would have to point out that the washing and drying cycles are quite long.

Samsung WD90T534DBN


  • Good value for money.
  • Bring a self-dispenser.
  • Modern and elegant aesthetic.
  • Variety of programs.
  • The wash and dry cycles are quite long.